Posted by: christinelaennec | June 10, 2010


May’s Diaries are now out, but only available on, so I will hold off on general publicity until it’s available on Amazon and the other online bookselling empires.

Cherry trees in Aberdeen (off Huntly Street), late May

I know that May would have loved all the blossom that is around me here.  The cold winter brought us gorgeous pear blossom in April, then apple and cherry blossom in May, bountiful lilacs, and now in early June the hawthorns and laburnums are laden with blossom.

Laburnum tree in our garden, early June 2010

Our poor laburnum is in fact suffering from some kind of infection (so the mannie from the Cooncil told me), but despite this, like others of its kind this spring, it’s laden with beautiful golden flowers.


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