Posted by: christinelaennec | August 23, 2010


I’ve always liked the colour grey (or, in my earlier years, the color gray).  Of course it has to be a nice grey – a blue-grey, or a green-grey, not a muddy, beigey, horrible grey.  When I was growing up in Portland, I often thought how nice the grey of the overcast skies was against the dark green of the fir and pine trees, and the more vivid greens of lawns, parks and gardens.  I was happy to find the same green-and-grey combination when I came to Aberdeen.  The light in Scotland – as has often been said, particularly by artists – adds a new dimension to many colours, and grey is no different. Here’s a recent evening skyscape:

Many greys: 8 p.m. mid-August sky, Aberdeen. Looking northwest.

I like how the greys become blues and silvers in this photo: both in the sky and in the window that’s silver with the reflection of the sky.

The reason there’s so much grey in Aberdeen is that much of it is built from granite.  One of its nicknames is the Granite City, and another is the Silver City – because of how the granite sparkles in the sun.  Here’s a quirky bit of granite, which I presume dates to Victorian times just like its surroundings.  Who says grey can’t be fun?

Granite cube balanced on top of a granite post, Aberdeen. The only other one I've seen in the city is its twin, on the other side of the large 19th-century mansion that the pillars flank.

So here’s to the unsung possibilities of grey!


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