Posted by: christinelaennec | September 2, 2010


My friend Tormod recently took the ferry to Orkney.  I’ve often seen the ferries to Shetland and Orkney leaving the harbour and sailing north, but I’ve never been on one.  He was happy for me to share his photos so that the world can see what Aberdeen looks like from the sea.

Leaving Aberdeen harbour, August 2010.

Looking along the Navigation Channel and out to the North Sea. The wee building to the left in front of the cottages is, I think, the old harbourmaster's office. The big new building further along the pier is (I think!) the new Marine Operations Centre.

Looking back towards Aberdeen

Aberdeen from the sea

The sea is such a pervasive presence in Aberdeen – seagulls, the smell of fish lorries, the sound of the raging sea in the background in the winter – that I usually completely forget about it.  It seems so funny to see Aberdeen “from the other side” as it were.  Taing mhòr, a Thormoid!


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