Posted by: christinelaennec | September 5, 2010

Edinburgh at Festival Time

Last weekend, we went to Edinburgh just for the day, to visit our eldest, the Dafter’s big brother.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Our first stop was Morningside, where we saw this:

"Fabby wee mixing bowls" on Morningside Road

in front of this shop:

South Lissens Pottery & Silk Art shop, Morningside Road, Edinburgh

Then we went here for a delicious cup of tea and some yummy cakes:

Loopy Lorna's at 370 Morningside Road, Edinburgh

Inside Loopy Lorna's - fabby fairly large cakes and a good cuppa

We were amused by the tea cosies:

Funny tea cosies - the queen's face is a bit squished, just like on a £5 note.

Then we went up to the centre of town, which was very busy indeed.  We had lunch at Henderson’s (used to be the One World Cafe, and seems exactly the same except for the name) on the terrace below St. John’s church at the west end of Princes Street.  The terrace was very festive, with lots of booths and many visitors:

Beautiful quilts at one of the stalls below St. John's, Edinburgh

People-watching was excellent fun.  One elderly woman was so stylish, I wish I’d had the nerve to stop her and ask if I could take her picture (as Ari Seth Conan does on his Advanced Style blog).  As it is, here is a view from the back:

The silver-haired set in Edinburgh have style - I loved her shoes in particular!

Our world-weary 18-year-old son was cursing the crowds but we country bumpkins very much enjoyed ourselves.  I’d wanted to see the Impressionist Gardens, but there wasn’t time.  However, we did have a good view of the castle:

Edinburgh Castle, behind St. John's

And, from the top of the double-decker bus, the appealing sight of this cast-iron railing:

Pleasing ironwork, Edinburgh

And, lastly, just before we set off home again, this fabby wee dog (I don’t think Edinburghers say ‘dug’ do they?):

Lovely little dog waiting for its owners

If ever I were to have a dog, I’d love to have a little dog like this – but that’s probably because it’s like a cat!



  1. What brilliant pictures – and what fine weather you had! It has made me want to visit Edinburgh again (and hope that the weather is kind to me too) Thanks for sharing.

  2. found you christine
    by chance looking for south lissens pottery!. x.

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