Posted by: christinelaennec | September 16, 2010

An Indian Summer

Growing up in Oregon, I loved the expression “Indian Summer,” because I was so interested in Indians / Native Americans.  I assumed that this expression was an American one, but it’s current here in Scotland too, which makes me wonder whether for the British, the Indians in question are sub-continental?  In any case, fall – I also love that word – is in the air here in Aberdeen.  Before the wheel of the seasons has well and truly turned, I wanted to show you some of the Indian Summer we’ve had.

The gardens in Aberdeen have been such a pleasure to walk past:

Vividly Blue Hydrangea, August 2010, in a front garden in Aberdeen

And as if more proof was needed that Aberdeen is the City of Roses:

Climbing roses in a front garden, Aberdeen, August 2010

One of the flowerbeds in our church garden (which I help look after) was planted with dahlias grown by one of our members, and they have been looking great:

Dahlias in the garden of South Holburn Church, Aberdeen, Sept 2010

Closer to home, my own garden has been – despite neglect on my part – rewarding us with beautiful flowers and – due to hard work on Michael’s part – vegetables:

Our 'Back Patch'

Michael cares for the neat raised beds, and I am responsible for the floral jungle beyond.  (The area on the other side of the gate, with the ivy and wee greenhouse, is our neighbours’.)  The sweet peas got a late start this year, but have been beautiful, if windblown by early gales:

Sweet peas in the 'back patch', end of August 2010

Nigella 'Persian Jewels' and 'Mulberry'

Climbing rose 'James Galway' with pink gladioli

In the front garden, which is much shadier than the back, the Alnwick Rose has nonetheless been happy:

Alnwick rose bloom, August 2010. The top petal was covered with tiny shining drops of dew.

And now,  autumn will soon be upon us:

Fly agaric mushrooms on the front lawn, 16 September 2010.

Yesterday there were only two!



  1. I love the flowers in these photos but am sorry that I missed your big birthday !!!

    I hope you have had a lovely week and maybe we can do something to celebrate the milestsone some time soon?

    And yes I love the expression Indian Summer too. And we have had one! I adore the vast expanse of blue sky we have had with the last of the summer sun sadly feels a bit chilly. Winter is round the bend .


    • Dear Anne,
      Thanks very much for liking the blog, and for the birthday wishes. I have had a great birthday, and am going on a birthday expedition this weekend – which I will blog about on my return!

      I’m so glad you agree we have had an Indian Summer. When I told Michael what I was writing about he said, “What Indian Summer? It’s pouring outside!” And it was, but not for too long.

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