Posted by: christinelaennec | October 1, 2010

A stormy day

It has occurred to me, since I began this blog, that I might be accused of misrepresenting the weather in Aberdeen.  It’s true that I’ve mostly taken photos on sunny days, of which – despite local rumours to the contrary – there have been quite a few.  Also, it’s not so easy to take very effective photos of the rain, as I’ve discovered.

But this afternoon it was very wet and stormy, and I thought I would try showing my non-local readers what it was like:

Albyn Place and Rubislaw Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen, on a very wet afternoon. 1st October 2010

The trees were thrashing about, and branches were falling:

No one was underneath when this branch fell!

I’m always sorry to see the trees lose their leaves, but it’s the best thing for them, because they would never survive the winter storms otherwise.

The high school kids poured out onto the street, most of them without coats, umbrellas or anything like proper footwear.  A lot of them just began to shout and splash in the puddles, like very big toddlers. The Dafter and I had errands to do, and were soon completely soaking wet.  It was difficult not to be:

Water cascading down the steps up to North Silver Street, Aberdeen. 1st October 2010

Needless to say, the house is now draped with drying coats, and festooned with opened umbrellas and shoes stuffed with newspaper.  Hooray for a cosy warm house, and hooray for the weekend.

Happy October!



  1. Too bad you had such bad weather, we overhere have sunny days, but by the end of the week we get bad weather too.

    • Hi Carin,

      Thanks for visiting! I guess we have no choice but to take what the weather sends us and be happy for the sunny days.

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