Posted by: christinelaennec | October 13, 2010

October blooms – and an impish harvest

Life lately has been very full:  my job is intense, we took our wee trip to Edinburgh, I’ve been doing my elder’s visits, and the Dafter and I have been trawling the town for clothes and shoes that fit her, as she’s grown out of everything yet again.  I’ve also carved out a bit of writing time/space as well.

Gardening is one thing that I really try to make time for – not just because it’s a pleasure, but because I think it helps to keep me grounded, pardon the pun.  (I do tend to live in my head a lot, otherwise.)  The last few weeks have been very overcast, but w e haven’t yet had a frost.  I’ve been amazed at how the flowers have persevered, and wanted to show you some October blooms:


Blue borage, purple rosemary, yellow and orange nasturtium. And plenty of green! 12 October 2010



The James Galway (climbing) rose is still delighting us with its blooms. 12 October 2010



'St. Clements' nasturtium and a pretty but unidentified carnation. 12 October 2010



The canterbury bells are blooming behind the blueberries, and the nasturtiums have romped through as well. There were a few blueberries left, and they were delicious. I know, time for a clear-out! 12 October 2010


This next photo probably looks to you like a dead branch on top of a wall.  But it’s the Maigold rose, which shows over the back wall of our garden.  As you can see, it’s still blossoming away – its third period of blooming this year!  It always blooms in May and August, but has given us a few October roses as well.


The Maigold rose showing off to passers-by. 12 October 2010


This rose bush is probably about 30 years old, and I really thought it was a-goner last year.  Much of it has died back and these little branches are admittedly scraggly in comparison to the bounty that used to hang over the wall.  However, I’ve been very encouraged to see that it’s put up some healthy and vigorous growth from the bottom.  So I don’t think it’s finished yet!

As we were clearing the sweet peas, beans and tomatoes, Michael found a very amusing harvest item to share with us:


Michael's impish tomato!


We haven’t decided whether to name it/him before eating it/him or not.

And finally, a very Happy Birthday to Michael who was born some years ago on this very day.  Lucky for me!


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