Posted by: christinelaennec | October 22, 2010

A rescued Needlework Specimens book

The other day I found a very interesting item in a charity shop:

Needlework Specimens book from 1946, presumably from the North-East of Scotland

It contains the needlework of H. M. Kinnear.  Amongst other things, there’s an example of her [it must have been a her?] French seam:

H. M. Kinnear's French Seam

Her Print Patch is perfectly executed.  You have to look carefully to see there is a patch at all:

H. M. Kinnear's Print Patch

And her linen embroidery and mending is beautiful:

H. M. Kinnear's linen sample

There are several more pages, with various other kinds of seams, and examples of mending. As you can see, each sample is marred by the stamp:  “Institutional Management”.  I wonder what the institution was?  A children’s home?  A mental hospital?

If anyone has any insight into this, I’d be curious to know.  In the meantime, well done H. M. Kinnear!



  1. Thats a beautiful treasure to find something like that !

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