Posted by: christinelaennec | October 24, 2010

Castle Fraser in the fall

The last two weeks have been the October school holidays, and on one of the days that I wasn’t at work I took the Dafter and a friend to Castle Fraser.  It was very beautiful there:

The approach to Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire, October 2010

We did some squirrel crafts, explored the castle and had a snack in the coffee-shop.  Going around the castle, I was particularly keen to see embroidery samplers, because Tanya AKA The Sampler Girl (a cross-stitch designer in the States) had alerted me to the fact that Scottish samplers were characterised by colourful lettering and “boldness” of design.  I did see a sampler in the castle – though I couldn’t take a photo of it – and it was just as Tanya had said.  The lettering was in red, blue, and probably a very faded green.  Although I can’t show you the sampler in Castle Fraser, here is a link to Tanya’s design for a Scottish-style sampler.

Before we left, the girls enjoyed some time in the imaginatively-designed play area.  It has a huge teepee, and also an enormous outdoor xylophone made of wood.  There are lots of paths and places to explore, even for very sophisticated older children.  And for knitting mothers, there is a lovely view of the back of the walled garden from one of the benches:

Looking from the play area towards the back wall of the large walled garden, Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire, October 2010

Although it was overcast, the fall colours were beautiful:

Front of the walled garden, Castle Fraser, October 2010

And just before we left, there was some low afternoon sunshine:

October afternoon sun, Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire



  1. Hi Christine. I’m not sure if you are simply surrounded by more beauty, if you simply see more of it than the rest of us (which I think might be likely) or if you are simply a very talented photographer. But your pictures are such a treat. The one (in an earlier post) that you took in a garden after your visit to an Impressionists exhibit looked like an Impressionist painting itself. Keep them coming, they are nourishment!

    • That’s so kind of you, Cathy – I think I’m a pretty rubbish photographer! But I’m very glad that you’re enjoying my snaps. I’m so lucky to live in a beautiful place, but I’d like to think that I would look for beauty wherever I was. Certainly writing this blog has encouraged me to do that much more, because it’s so exciting to share ordinary things with other people far away, for whom they might not be ordinary.

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