Posted by: christinelaennec | November 19, 2010

Children in need of colour

Dafter artwork

As anyone living in Britain will know, today is Children in Need day.  It’s a nationwide fundraising effort that helps very worthwhile projects for children.  The Dafter’s school raised funds by allowing the kids to abandon their school uniform for a day, as long as they wore something red and contributed a pound.  As I’ve mentioned before, the Dafter would probably happily pay a pound every day to escape from her nearly all-black uniform.  This was the text I received this morning from her:  “In good mood cos I’m finally in COLOUR!!!!!!”  Along with her red hoodie, she had on a blue skirt, an orange t-shirt and her teal jacket.

It’s amazing to me how important colour is, but it shouldn’t be really.  I know that colour is in fact vibration (different wave lengths) and so why wouldn’t it affect how we feel?

The Dafter in full rainbow mode

I’ve even heard that some blind people can “feel” different colours with their hands (though I can’t point you to the hard research to back this up).

Bright colours aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I know.  My work colleague (and good friend) almost only ever wears black and would hate to be in bright colours, at least at work.  She has an extremely vibrant personality anyway.

Anyhow, the Dafter had a happy day because she is sometimes very much in need of colour.  And if everyone did bring a pound, her school must have raised about £1000 for Children in Need, which is excellent news.



  1. Hahahah dafter It sounds so Dutch…..and I love Dafter’s colours…

  2. Maybe if I could get my girl to wear more colour the sunshine would appear! Make the most of your rainbow, Dafter!

  3. Erna – now that you mention it, the Dafter does sound quite Dutch! (As I’ve said in the About page, that nickname came about because of her logical mispronunciation of the word “daughter” – Dafter like Laughter – some years ago.

    Roobeedoo – Good luck getting your girl to wear more colour. Maybe she needs the security and anonymity of darker colours just now.

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