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Last Saturday our son came up from Edinburgh to pay us a quick visit.  He was only here for two hours but adorable Michael rustled up a wee Thanksgiving meal for us to share together:

Thanksgiving 2010, meal by Michael (as usual). Table also made by Michael, with help from friends in Illinois.

I didn’t have enough time to make a pumpkin pie (step one:  go out to fancy deli in outskirts of town to buy pumpkin puree), but I will do that soon.  Since we moved to a country where the last Thursday in November is just an ordinary school and work day like any other, we’ve tried to keep up the tradition of Thanksgiving.  The credit for this lies with Michael, who is the cook of the house.  In the past, we’ve had friends over for a big meal with all the trimmings on a Sunday – our Scottish friends seem to enjoy it!

Although it wasn’t the full thing, and we had to be a bit quick about it to get our son back to the station, it was every bit a Thanksgiving.

The Dafter and her big brother. Michael is standing behind me, giving me soup ladles for ears.

We always give thanks before we eat, but it was really nice that we were able to be together for a Thanksgiving.  Our son and our family have been through enormous trials and tribulations together.  When we adopted him he was not yet 4 years old, and as we later found out, much of the truth of what he had suffered was hidden from us.  We all went through years of intense struggles.  And here we still are:  a family!  Our son is still finding his feet but he keeps in touch with us, and as you can see from the photo, we have a good laugh together.  Believe me, that is nothing short of a miracle.



  1. Oh Christine, what a lovely surprise for you and wonderful to share this time of thanksgiving together. Trials and tribulations bond a family together and make them stronger.
    Thinking of you xx

    PS: We have also had a sprinkling of snow!

  2. Aw schucks, thank you for the compliments!


  3. Dear Mike, you deserve far more than this to recognise your cooking! Beautiful Cook Award coming your way!

    Dear Heike, thank you so much. Re. trials and tribulations, as Nietzsche said, whatever does not kill us makes us stronger. Certainly going through difficulties has brought our family much closer together.

  4. Handsome boy – and your son isn’t bad either! (ho ho ho, boom boom!) Good for you, keeping the tradition going.

    • What a card you are, Roobeedoo! Yes I do think my family is very handsome, if somewhat barking mad at times.

  5. Michael did a great job and I think its great to spend time with your family on thanksgiving day. We don’t have a thanksgiving day in the Netherlands but my DH and I always celebrate thanksgiving in september when its Mabon !!

    • I don’t think it really matters when one celebrates Thanksgiving, and I do believe in giving thanks as often as possible. Now – what is Mabon? Something else for me to educate myself about!

  6. Hello – i followed your link from Plain and Joyful Living, just because you said you were in Scotland! I really enjoyed my quick read through your posts – great photos of Aberdeen. My son is living in a University flat in Edinburgh too.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Jacqui! I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog. I really like yours too – I’ll definitely be visiting again, especially when I feel the need of a wee Outer Hebrides lift.

  7. Made me cry….in a good way. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  8. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all four of you from North Carolina!

  9. Dear Returning Scot and Cathy,
    Thank you both for your Thanksgiving wishes!

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