Posted by: christinelaennec | November 27, 2010

Snowy Aberdeen

It has been so beautiful with the snow, I wanted to post some more photos.  Like a fresh lick of paint, the fresh snow makes ordinary things look a bit extraordinary.  The skies have been very beautiful as well.

Firstly, some photos from my walk to work on Thursday morning.  I particularly liked how the snow had come sideways and decorated all the trees:

Carden Place, Aberdeen, 25 November 2010

St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Carden Place, Aberdeen

This church is fondly nicknamed “the Tartan Kirk” and I will show you why in more detail in another post at some point!

Even in the middle of town, Aberdeen has some bucolic scenery.  This reminded me of an Impressionist painting – perhaps a painting by Pissarro of a French country lane in the snow:

Country lane in the city: off Skene Street, Aberdeen

And these snowy birch trees are very Impressionistic:

Snowy birch trees, Woolmanhill, Aberdeen

In Old Aberdeen, familiar sights take on a new aspect in the snow.  This is the house across from King’s College:

House in Old Aberdeen

Friday brought more snow:

Faint sunrise through falling snow, 26 November 2010, Aberdeen

And today it has mostly been bright.  I’ve been outside a good bit:  first of all to give a hand with clearing the paths at church, where I stopped to take a photo of the beautiful clouds.

Sunrise clouds, 27 November 2010, Aberdeen, 8:30 a.m.

And this afternoon I gave in to pleading – it didn’t take much – and took the Dafter and the two children from downstairs to our neighbourhood park for some sledging (sledding in American):

Afternoon sledding (and snowball fights) at the park

There was a beautiful golden light as the sun set around 3:30.  The snow seemed almost to be pink:

Time to go home! 27 November 2010, 3:30 p.m., Aberdeen

Needless to say, hot chocolate was in order when we got back home…  I hope you’re able to make the most of whatever weather you’re having.



  1. What a beautiful pictures Christine, and I’m glad you enjoyed the snow…According to the radio all Aberdeen was feeling desperate and awful…:)
    Take care and a wonderful Sunday

  2. Ohhh what a wonderful photo’s, it looks like a fairie tale so nice. Where I live in the Netherlands we don’t have any snow. In the top of Netherlands they had a little snow but I live at the bottom in the Netherlands.

  3. I think having kids around makes sense of snow! We have two new little neighbours who haven’t seen snow like this before and it is great to watch them making a snowman and sledging with such energy and enthusiasm!

  4. What beautiful photos. I have been watching the news which has included lots of scenes of snow in Scotland. It is lovely to see scenes that don’t include traffic or gritters! It is great to see the children enjoying it.

  5. On a warm Sydney day I watched the World News on television and they showed pictures of the snow in “Aberdeenshire” (somewhere) and I thought of you, Christine. I looked forward to some wonderful pictures appearing on your blog….and I have not been disappointed!


    Thank you.

  6. Dear All,
    I’m so glad you liked the photos. When I posted them, I thought: everyone will be sick and tired of snow photos! But as you say, the television concentrates on traffic and gritters and there’s so much else to look at. Children definitely have what it takes to appreciate snow, and perhaps also adults who have never seen snow before. The Samoan rugby team who were here for a match seemed to be enjoying the experience. (Also – I have corrected the spelling of “Pissarro”!)

  7. What glorious photos! I do love the way snow transforms everything so dramatically.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog – I will certainly look up the remarkable owl book, thanks for the tip off.

  8. We haven’t had any snow yet….maybe next week they’re saying. Your photos are beautiful. I love the freshly fallen snow. enjoy! stay warm.

  9. Lovely photos.
    I know Carden Place very well so that picture, along with the wonderful quality of light found in north-east skies, is making me even more homesick than usual.

  10. I love the photos Christine. On Saturday evening I was walking home from the bus stop and I thought of getting a camera and going out again to take some photos, but I’m afraid I got cold feet in every sense :-).

  11. Dear Suse, Lisa Q, Teuchter and Timwa,
    Thanks so much for all your kind comments!

  12. Hello,

    I’ve just moved out of my parents house to London and was looking around to find pictures of Aberdeen in the snow – I wasn’t expecting to find one with my house in it (last one)! So hello from one of the few bits of the UK where their isn’t any snow at all. I hope you enjoyed the sledging!

  13. Hi Sarah-Em! How funny that your house is in my photos. I always wonder, as I skulk about Aberdeen with my camera, whether people mind me taking pictures of their houses. About London being snow-less, my husband had a conversation this morning with a Scot living in London, who was bemoaning lack of “proper snow” down there. Yes we did enjoy the sledging. (Trying to walk down the street has been very much like sledging at times too!)

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