Posted by: christinelaennec | December 3, 2010

F.O.: Pumpkin pie

My knitterly readers will know that “F.O.” stands for “Finished Object”.  Yes, I did make the pumpkin pie, and it is now a finished object in more than one sense of the term!  It was delicious, if I do say so myself.  (I did share it with my family.)

Although it isn’t conventionally pretty, I was very surprised to see that it emerged from the oven with a heart design on top!  I wouldn’t have known how to make this happen if I’d wanted to:

Pumpkin pie with a heart

I took this as a Good Sign – just generally!

Weather Update:  This morning it’s -14 C / 7 F outside.  That’s pretty cold for Aberdeen, though nothing compared to what Deeside and the Highlands will have had.  It’s been a clear night, and at the moment Jupiter is out-dazzling the other stars in sky.  At least it’s stopped snowing.  We have about a foot and a half of snow in the back garden.  I’ve done a lot of walking in the snow (and shovelling) the last few days.  I’ll be glad when it’s the weekend!



  1. A surprise heart design? What does it mean? Must mean you’re dealin’ out a whole lotta lovin’, I guess. Which, given the temperature, (minus 19 here) is what we need.

  2. That pumpkin pie looks very yummy !! yesterday it almost snowed the owl day and I took some wonderful pictures and post them on my blog today. Today its not snowwing but they say in the weekend we get some more !

  3. That is so neat that a heart appeared. I just made my first pumpkin pie from scratch for Thanksgiving and it came out well too.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  4. The pie looks delicious and snow yeah, like Carin said we have had some snow here, at Carin’s more then here up North but it isn’t like your snow in Scotland, we couldn’t cope hahahah

  5. Dear Returning Scot, I should point out that 95% of the cooking in this house is done by Michael! I haven’t inherited my great-grandmother’s skill or love of cooking. But I do love to bake.

    Dear Carin and Erna, I’m glad you’ve got some snow (as you were wanting some). As for coping, I’m not sure why in Scotland the trains freeze. They must use different kinds of trains in places like Norway and South Dakota.

    Dear Tonya, I saw your beautiful pies on your blog. My one attempt to bake pumpkin pie from scratch was a dismal failure and a huge waste of both pumpkin and oven heat. Ever since then I’ve bought pumpkin puree for pies and muffins. So any tips are welcome!

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