Posted by: christinelaennec | December 4, 2010

A festive trip into town

We went into town today to do some Christmas shopping, and it was really festive and fun (somewhat to my surprise).  I wanted to show you some photos, but I will cheat a little and start with a photo from yesterday morning first.  This morning I was delighted to be able to sleep past 5:45 a.m.!

A beautiful crescent moon on the wane, below Jupiter. Just before sunrise, 7:30 a.m., 3rd December 2010. The shape in the foreground is the cast-iron decoration on the roof of our Victorian flat.

Today was a beautiful, if very cold, day.  On our walk into town we saw a family of snowmen:

Snowman family, Dec 4th 2010, Aberdeen

The Dafter was, I thought, looking very smart.  Her striped leggings obviously completely dazzled the camera!

The Dafter on our way into town

The farmer’s market was on today:

Farmer's Market on Belmont Street, Aberdeen. Notice the icicles on the building to the right!

One of the stalls at the market was selling kilts and everything you need to go with a kilt:  sporrans [wee purses worn in front of the kilt], dirks [wee blunt dagger to tuck into your kilt hose], ghillie brogues [shoes worn with kilts] and feather hackles [no idea what this is].

Kilt stall at the market.

There was a lot of music in town:  a men’s choir in the shopping centre, a mixed choir at the market and also a brass band.

The Granite City Brass Band playing carols on Belmont Street, with the Art Gallery in the background.

We got back home just at sunset, about 3:15:

Aberdeen sunset from upstairs: 3:15 p.m. on Dec. 4th 2010

After a delicious tea made by Michael, it’s time to make a fire.



  1. Looks nice and cosy. Maybe I should consider taking the christmas-shopping ferry to Aberdeen next december.

  2. What beautiful photos and I agree the Dafter looks very fetching indeed. I have just come back from Munich Christmas market…photos on blog later
    Keep in the festive spirit

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