Posted by: christinelaennec | December 9, 2010

A cold morning scene

Here is one of my favourite Aberdeen scenes from my walk to work.  The way that the narrow street frames St. Mark’s makes the church and its dome look so imposing.  The photo is blurry, but just before dawn things do look a bit indistinct.  I particularly like the brave cyclist coming up the hill!  You can just see his wee light. Yesterday morning it was deeply, deeply cold.

8:20 a.m., December 8th 2010, Aberdeen

It hasn’t been above freezing for about two weeks, which is unusual for here.  There were no trains from Aberdeen for four days in a row, and now there are some but not many.  Bread, flour and milk are now running low in the shops, and petrol supplies are causing concern.   Although mercifully we don’t need to use our car that much, getting about our winter wonderland on foot can be a bit perilous at times.  A bit further along my walk, coming down another hill, I slipped on the snow-covered ice and did a kind of Laurel and Hardy legs-and-arms-windmill-dance before regaining my balance.  A young man walking by tried to make it look as if he was more sympathetic than amused, but I couldn’t really blame him for laughing!

Tomorrow, God and the trains willing, I am going to Dundee for a very exciting interview with one of my favourite authors.  I will tell you more at the weekend!



  1. I hope you manage to get to Dundee and look forward to reading about the interview.

    When I checked the rail enquiries website yesterday, it said there’d be no trains out of Aberdeen today. It’s now looking a bit more optimistic, so fingers crossed for you tomorrow.

    My reason for needing to know train information is that we have a long-arranged family trip to the Christkindlmarkts in Munich planned for Friday and I had to work out how to get my elderly Ma from Aberdeen to Glasgow to meet my sister and fly out from there – and then worry about icy pavements and fractured necks of femur!

    Long and complicated story, of very little interest to anyone not directly involved, but we’ve managed to change the air ticket, thanks to a very nice man at BA, and Ma will fly directly to meet me at Heathrow.

    All those years of it just being a wee bit damp and dreich in December seem to be over and we’re back to the type of winter I remember from childhood, a long time ago.

    I am very much enjoying your beautiful photos.

  2. Glad you didn’t fall and hurt yourself before your trip to Dundee. Sounds very exciting and mysterious, can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Tell your friend ‘Teuchter’ to look at my blog pictures of Munich Chritkindle Market so she knows what wonderful things to expect when she travels there on Friday.

    A bit warmer here today…only -2C xx

  3. What a beautiful picture can imagine it’s one of your favourite spots.Glad you didn’t hurt yourself.I’m getting a little worried for the people in Scotland, especially the elderly with all that snow. The Dutch are complaining about one inch of snow :)..
    Hope you’ll make it to Dundee for the interview, I’m just as curious as the other ladies…
    Hugs from a melting Amsterdam

  4. Hi, lovely to discover your blog and to catch glimpses of my favourite city in the UK! And bonjour from another French PhD – yes, you’ve guessed it, from Aberdeen. Now in exile down here in Edinburgh but trying to make the best of it.

    Will look forward to visiting again.

  5. Dear All,
    Thank you so much for the kind comments and good wishes. The thaw is beginning, at least for the moment, so my fingers are crossed for the trains. Teuchter (love that name!), I wish you a very good journey to Munich with your mum- as you see, Heike has just been and has photos on her blog Knitsisters. Linda, bonjour! I think Edinburgh is wonderful but I can see how one might miss Aberdeen. Erna and Heike, I will do my best to keep upright on the ice, believe me.

    I hope / plan to post again on Sunday, so check back for the identity of my mystery blog guest!

  6. Wow, sounds a bit scary, altho amusing, as long as you are not hurt! Looking forward to this author thing you’re doing…can’t guess who…very intriguing.

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