Posted by: christinelaennec | January 3, 2011

Christmas Knitting

All can now be revealed:  I did make a few Christmas presents myself!  I remember as a girl, almost all the Christmas presents I gave were made by my own hands, and I used to spend months working out what to make for whom.  (I often made stationery for my Granny, which I would then receive back throughout the year in her letters to me.)   This Christmas I recaptured a bit of that old handmade spirit.   For three knitterly friends, I made some rose brooches:

Fulled rose brooches made from scrap wool. Pattern from Claire Crompton's The Knitter's Bible.

The pattern for these came from a library book – hooray for libraries!  I’d never “fulled” wool before – it’s like felting only less so.  The only thing I’ll say about that is, be careful not to scrub all the skin off your knuckles like I did before I even knew it.  Apart from that, these brooches were good fun to make, and a great use of scraps.

For lovely Sofi, whose toes get cold and who even in London needs a hot-water-bottle, I made this:

Hot water bottle cover in weak November sun. Pattern from Sarah Dallas Knitting, wool is Rowan's Wool Cotton.

I loved knitting with this wool.  The colour was actually a much more vivid raspberry, and the feel of the wool was really delicious on my hands.  The photo is taken sans hot-water-bottle inside (I was propping it up against the back of a chair to get as much light as possible) but it still worked fine with hot-water-bottle inside, and I was pleased with it.  I really enjoyed making this because it was such a light easy project I could take it to work with me and knit a few rows now and then.

It really is true that when you make something to give to a certain person, you do think of them a lot while you’re making it, and so your love and energy become a part of the gift.

I hope you received some lovely handmade presents at Christmas as well.  My favourite this year was the Dafter’s creation for me – what else but a rainbow, made out of Hama beads layered in a jar.  These gifts truly are priceless.



  1. Busy Bee! I love the flower booches, very pretty.
    Happy New Year dearest Christine and may everything you wish for come true in 2011.

  2. Oh Christine, I love the roses and the hot water bottle is great.I’m thinking about picking up knitting again.But I so love stitching, if only we had a little more time…

  3. I so agree about there being love in every stitch of a handmade gift. I do love your hot water bottle cover. i bought a couple of old wool blankets from a charity shop to make some out of, but I just can’t bear to cut into them.
    I am looking forward to getting back to the croft, and seeing the leabharlann at the end of the drive. i must ask him to bring some knitting books.

    ps – do you mind if I add your blog to my blogroll?

  4. I love the knitting you have done and I also love those handmade presents, they are the best !

  5. Dear All,
    Thanks once again for your generous comments. And Jacqui, no of course I don’t mind! I must update my blogroll as well.

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