Posted by: christinelaennec | February 22, 2011

Two nice surprises

What a nice day I’ve had today.  First of all the post brought me a gift from Sigrid in America.  She had a giveaway on her imaginative and witty blog, analog me, and I won a book about knitting!

KnitKnacks: Much Ado About Knitting (Voyageur Press) with a pretty handmade card

That in itself was a great thing – imagine receiving a gift in the post from someone you’ve never met, just because they feel like being nice!  It was the perfect size to put in my bag for the bus home from work.  It’s a collection of ironic essays about the sometimes compulsive need certain people feel to knit – as illustrated on the cover.  Little did I realise that the book contains a piece by Sigrid herself, something she never mentioned.  It’s called “Ridiculous Knits:  Knitting for the Man in Your Life” and had me trying not to laugh too loudly.  For example:

“Although men are solid and strong and often covered with prickly hairs, they are also delicate.  Guys cannot abide anything knit with wools containing any coarse fibers or tickly hairs.  I am convinced that the models for the Lopi books have been drugged with sedatives…”

The book finishes with Sigrid’s hilarious “Knitter’s Translate-o-Matic”.  If the man in your life can’t relate to your obsession, try redefining the terms.  Instead of saying “knitting,” refer to it as “on-demand textile fabrication”.  “Wool” is translated as “thermo-wicking filament” and “lace” is “ventilation mesh”.  I was glad that the person sitting next to me didn’t ask me what was so funny – I don’t think I could possibly have kept a straight face while answering “knitting”!

The second unexpected and lovely surprise was the appearance of THE SUN!!!  It hasn’t been seen around here for a few weeks now:

Snowdrops and crocuses, Aberdeen. 22 February, 2011.

Look at how the crocuses in the shade are slightly more blue, because they’re furled up (and because they’re in the shade).  Whereas the ones that are in the sun are opened wide, just singing.




  1. Oh the knitting book looks so lovely. I’m renewing my childhood interest in knitting, and almost finished my second soft wooly scarf. and I’m going to the nursery to buy the blue/violet crocus bulbs. In Southern Cal they will soon be blooming and smiling in the sun.

  2. Congratulations on winning the book, Christine. It must be our turn to see the sun, soon. So grey here, just now.

  3. Woo hoo! Blog-friend surprises are the best!

  4. I know what you mean about laughing out loud when reading the book. I was given it for my birthday and found myself in fits of giggles whilst reading it in bed. It is very amusing and highly recommended to any knitter.
    So glad the sun is out in Aberdeen..doesn’t spring air make us feel so happy!
    Much love Heike x

  5. Christine, So glad I could make you laugh! Almost as good as a sunny day.

  6. Congrats with winning that book !
    We have a few crocuses in the garden but I love them, first thing that spring is on its way !

  7. More knitting…I feel I am being pursued.

    Such a lovely Spring photo.

  8. Dear All,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Yes, the crocuses are just wonderful, aren’t they?
    Sigrid, thank you very much again.
    And Linda – sorry! It wasn’t intentional. I promise a non-knitting post next.

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