Posted by: christinelaennec | March 1, 2011


We have had absolutely glorious weather the last few days, and I just can’t resist sharing it with you.  The nights have been clear, starry and frosty, and I’ll begin with a photograph of the beautiful waning crescent moon yesterday morning:

Low-slung moon at dawn. Aberdeen, 28 February 2011, 6:20 a.m.

Note the hint of pink on the horizon – very exciting!  It’s a bit light now when we have breakfast, and very light when we walk to the schoolbus.  Once the sun is up and the frost has melted, we’ve had sunny and crisp days.

Crocuses - they were hardly visible two days before! Aberdeen, 28 February 2011

Crocuses in the lawn - little purple sun-flags.

I will leave the last word with Tilly, who has enjoyed the sun as much as anyone else:

Tilly basking - I didn't have the heart to put the towels away!

I hope you see some sun where you are, at some point.  If not, I hope these photos make you feel a bit warmer.  Spring is definitely on its way!




  1. I know exactly how you feel! Beautiful crisp days and evenings with such fantastic light. So uplifting even when grey and dank here….I’m glad you are sharing !

  2. Grey and overcast here, Christine, but this post has cheered things up.

  3. Tilly looks very comfy, sunny here today and very cold. Perfect for taking pictures for the website 😉

  4. it’s lovely to hear from my Scottish blog friends how the sun is coming out and making everything bright again. having lived in Scotland in the winter, i can appreciate feeling like spring is on its way. beautiful cat … how do cats manage to always look so comfortable and relaxed?

  5. I’m so ready for spring. I love the crocus bed with the peeks of daffodils. Glad the sun is shining on you!

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