Posted by: christinelaennec | March 22, 2011

First day of Spring, and an outing to Stonehaven

Happy Spring everyone!  Yesterday was a glorious day, and I think Aberdeen was one of the warmest places in Britain, at 17 C, which is in the low/mid 60s.  It’s the warmest I’ve been for months, and it felt absolutely tropical!  In the morning I took the train to Stonehaven for an appointment, and I thought I would show you this lovely seaside town.  Stonehaven is 15 minutes south of Aberdeen by train, on the North Sea.  The train journey along the coast is beautiful:

The North Sea, from the train heading south out of Aberdeen. 21 March 2011.

You might be surprised to know that there is a herd of bison that lives along here:

Bison grazing near Muchalls, south of Aberdeen.

Apparently their meat is very good, and they obviously survived the bitter winter just fine.  This was the best picture I could get of coming into Stonehaven.  The town is in a wide bay nestled into hills rising around:

Coming into Stonehaven. You can just make out the shape of Dunnotar Castle on the headlands to the left.

The town centre is busy, with the sea lying beyond.  The houses and buildings are mostly made of red sandstone – not so much from granite, as in Aberdeen.

Stonehaven, looking down past the market square to the sea.

The River Carron is one of the waterways that runs down the hills, through the town, and into the sea.  A year and a half ago Stonehaven suffered dreadful flooding when record-breaking rain filled up the rivers, and the high incoming tide pushed the water back into the town.

River running to the sea. Stonehaven, 21 March 2011. The river is wonderfully clear.

Across from the river is a fabulous restored Art Deco restaurant:

The Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven.

But yesterday I had no time to dally in an Art Deco way – it was back to Aberdeen, via the lovely Victorian train station:

Stonehaven railway station. The stationmaster had just come out to water some plants in pots.

Today it’s cloudy and potentially rainy as well.  But that’s spring for you – enjoy whatever spring brings you, wherever you are!





  1. Happy Spring to you too, love these pictures.I have been once in Stonehaven,it’s nice…
    The weather here is still wonderfull ,the sun has been shining for four days in a row…

  2. Thank you for posting brilliant photos – brought back happy memories of my visits. The Carron Restaurant is a particular favourite. mm mmm
    The last time I was there I had a delicious lunch at a little cafe near the mouth of the pretty harbour – would definately go back there. You were extremely lucky with the weather for your visit!

  3. how absolutely delightful! i have never been to Stonehaven although we visited Dunnator Castle at one point. i can’t believe we were so close to this lovely little town. it is picturesque. so amazing to see such fantastic sunshine combined with beautiful Scotland. thanks for the pictures!

  4. What a lovely day for a coastal train journey. And, to catch the Station Master watering his plants. You must have thought the clock had been turned back.

  5. Loved the beautiful photos! I’ve never been to Stonehaven, either, but did visit Dunottar Castle almost 14 years ago on my honeymoon. It’s gloriously situated overlooking the North Sea, isn’t it? I so enjoy your blog and am glad I “found” you!

  6. This was a fun and fine feast for the home traveler. Thank You. Bison was indeed a surprise but the art deco restaurant is always a highlight for me. The river is really clear and pretty. A lucky day for you.

  7. Lovely tour! Your grass is greener than ours. Especially since ours is now covered with snow again. Alas…

  8. What a delightful place! I could sit for hours and watch the river…or play Pooh Sticks from the lovely old iron bridge.

    The bison – are they only eaten or do they produce “wool” or milk/cheese too?

    It’s great to see all you northern-hemisphere-dwellers celebrating spring after such a bitter winter.

  9. beautiful scenes…and that sky is so blue! I’m so thankful that spring is here…it’s sure to be up and down, but I’ll take the hope of warmer temps any day.

  10. Thanks everyone for all your nice comments, I just love reading them. Yes, it was really a beautiful day. Since I started this blog, I enjoy things doubly, because I get excited about sharing them.

    Martin – I did feel I had rather gone back in time, watching the stationmaster water his plants!

    Ellen – thanks, I’m glad you found me too! And I’m glad this post brought back happy memories of your honeymoon.

    oldblack – I believe they are only eaten (but not by me). I saw an interview with the farmer that keeps them and he said there’s quite a market for their meat. I’m not sure about wool or milk/cheese. Certainly there are spinners who make yarn out of just about anything, so a bison scarf could be a possibility!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing these images. They make my heart glad.

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