Posted by: christinelaennec | April 5, 2011

The bizarre world of marketing

Recently, the Dafter and I acquiesced to the pleas of an online merchant to complete a survey.  We were both very amused by this page:

What are your hobbies? Tick all that apply!

Since when is “Graffiti / casual Vandalism” a hobby?  Or am I showing my age here?  I also found very amusing the implication that non-casual Vandalism is a more serious undertaking, not to be listed with hobbies!

And then also I was looking for a greeting card in Boots, the UK-wide chain of chemists (drugstores in American).  And amongst the offerings for greeting a new male baby I found this:

A restricted market for pro-England football cards here in Aberdeen!

Seeing as England is THE great rival to Scottish football, this is kind of like setting up a stand to sell Chicago Cubs memorabilia outside the St. Louis Cardinals’ stadium!  Clearly when someone was ordering their greeting cards, they decided that the Scottish and Welsh buying public would have to ignore such taunts.



  1. Hahaha funny post to read Christine and please destroy the England cards,oeps that must be the vandalism 🙂

  2. this is hilarious. great post! i wonder how many of those Boots cards they sell … they may want to reword the front. i also had a laugh at the option of “trainspotting” on the survey… great stuff. thanks for sharing. and funny comment there, Erna.

  3. I much prefer elegant vandalism – so much more lady like! 😉
    I wonder whether knitted graffiti counts as casual or not?
    And err, no, I can’t imagine that card going down too well in Aberdeen!

  4. How strange! Is that anything like casual sex?

  5. Dear All,
    You have no idea how refreshing it is to steal away to my mother’s computer and have a laugh! Not that it’s been a bad day, just emotionally intense. Thank you so much.

  6. Last summer I called into an Asda on the way to see my friend in Kilmarnock. By the door was a huge rack of England tops for the World Cup being sold off for pennies. when we laughed and asked the security guy (who was standing by them, perhaps to deter casual vandalism) what was going on he said that because everything comes from centralised distribution centres, every store had been sent the WC merchandise and they couldn’t get rid of it! If that doesn’t illustrate the crazy world of supermarket distribution I don’t know what does. Mars also had to withdraw an England sponsored Mars bar from Scottish shops last year for similar reasons.

    Glad your rhubard is developing. Fingers crossed…..

  7. I had a loud laugh reading this and got a starnge look from Max (the Terrier), but this really takes the biscuit!!! Not sure what is more bizzare, the survey or the card, this card would be ripped off the shelf here in Wales. We have a saying here for sporting events:
    We support Wales first and after that we support any team that plays against England 😉
    Keep calm and take a deep breath! Thinking of you xx

  8. Excellent! I love the way that Vandalism is graced by a capital.

  9. Dear Purlpower, Knitsisters and Linda,
    I’m so glad you know what I’m talking about. The World Cup story is a familiar scenario. Linda, you’re quite right to point out the capital V. Perhaps they were in fact referring to casual membership of a Germanic tribe?

  10. I always get a laugh at what you manage to observe. The doll house is a treasure trove of great stuff. My mom made my dollhouse when I was a wee girl and I passed it on to my girls…hopefully they will pass it on to their girls.

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