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Oregon photos

As you can imagine, I took a lot of photos while we were in Portland and Eugene!  Here is a small selection of the over-400 snaps I came home from our trip with.  These are things I really enjoyed:

My mother taking her dog Stella for a walk along the river bluff in S.E. Portland. In my youth I spent many happy hours skating at the roller skating rink thats in Oaks Amusement Park down below.

On one day of our visit, Stella went to Doggy Day Care!

We found this pretty hilarious. The dogs seemed to find it great fun as well!

I loved walking around the neighbourhood, and seeing the beautiful houses and tall trees:

House with tall trees in front, Portland, Oregon.

One of the neighbourhood trees is a bit concerning:

I can just imagine someone years ago planting a small seedling a few feet from their front door. Now I wonder: who will win, the redwood tree or the house?

We all enjoyed the colours of the houses, and the springtime blooms:

Magnolia tree in front of a brightly-coloured house, N.W. Portland. I believe this house isnt a residence, but the Portland Jung Center.

In sharp contrast to the great natural beauty of Portland neighbourhoods, this house amazed us by having a lawn laid in astroturf!

Michael cant believe its plastic grass!

Another strange thing that amused me was this category of fiction in the bookshop:

I dont remember this from my youthful forays into reading!

And the Dafter and I were very amused by the selection of magazines on offer:

Magazines: Oregon Bride, Eugene Wedding, Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom - and on it goes!!

This sort of thing makes me conclude that even in a recession, Americans must have quite a lot of money to spend. I was also trying to imagine what the Scottish equivalent of such magazines would be: Dunfermline Bride and Groom, Inverness Wedding…

Of course our trip had to include a yarn shop, and there is one in Eugene that we very much enjoyed:

Soft Horizons Fibre yarn shop in Eugene, in a colourful old house with a stunning garden. Oh and they have a great selection of yarns!

It was wonderful to see Sarah my sister:

Sarah meets us off the "Coast Starlight" train from Portland

She is in the last semester of her degree in accounting, and I just wish we could go back to see her graduate. I’m very proud of her! We had time to sit around, do jigsaw puzzles and drink coffee:


And there was time to knit, which is always great. I was able to give Sarah the Scroll Lace Scarf that I’d started in Portland:

Scroll Lace Scarf: pattern by Ysolda Teague, made from Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend (bought at the Knit Studio in Newcastle).

The supermarket was fun for us, as always:

What would Emily have thought of this? Were always wowed by the array of things in American supermarkets, as well as by the size of the produce.

Although we didn’t get out into the countryside very much on this quick trip, Michael climbed Spencer’s Butte with my brother-in-law. Oregon is just a beautiful place – and not unlike Scotland!

View from Spencers Butte, Eugene, Oregon. April 2011.

We went to see my niece at her work training horses.  The Dafter was treated by her aunt and uncle to a ride:

The Dafter rides Western.

It was lovely to see Oregon and Portland again:

Portland: Crossing the Willamette River on the train.

Of course, the best thing about our trip was seeing family. The Dafter is now as tall as her Granny!

The Dafter and her Granny

I also took quite a few photos of my mother’s beautiful house, but will post them at a later date. Back to my Scottish life now!



  1. the colors on the houses are beautiful …. very Martha Stewart. i also thought the scarf you made was very pretty. the doggie park was good for a laugh … do they actually come down the slide?

    • Dear ajb,
      I will confess that I don’t really know much about Martha Stewart colours, having left the US before her ascendency and later scandal. Thank you for the compliment about the scarf, it was fun to make. And we were told – but didn’t actually see – that the dogs do love coming down the slide!

  2. How different is America from Europe…I loved to see your pictures, thanks for sharing them….wow those trees and all the colours, just wonderful…

    • Dear Erna,
      Yes, it really is very different, isn’t it? Except that when we went to Norway a few years ago, I kept thinking that we were in the Pacific Northwest. That was when I realised how much American architecture owes to Scandinavian architecture!

  3. I always love your photos, you should be a professional photographer, you are so good. Glad you had a lovely time in your homeland. Beautiful sights and the scarf you you made is gorgeous. Have you got warm weather up where you are?

    • Knitsister, as an Irish friend of mine would say, I’ll have to watch my head doesn’t get so big I can’t get out the door! I’m glad you like the photos and the sights. The Scroll Lace scarf is a clever pattern and Silk Blend is fabulous yarn to work with. Yesterday, when you left your comment, we had a scorcher in Aberdeen! It must have been over 61 F / 16 C and the Dafter and I thought we would faint from the heat! It’s so nice to see the sun.

  4. Lovely to see the photos of Oregon. We’re going there in July, to visit our son and his American wife, who live in Lincoln City. When I visited Oregon before, to go to a conference in Eugene, I thought the trees were just wonderful. And the birds.

    • Oh how fun, Flora! So you won’t be far from where we were. Yes, the trees are great and as you say the birds are as well. We saw blue jays, and big (of course!) American robins. There were also some very small birds in my mother’s pear tree that we couldn’t quite identify even with the bird book. In the summertime the hummingbirds come to her garden.

  5. Many delights here, Christine! ‘Teen paranormal romance’ – groan. Astroturf lawn – bet you don’t get moss in it. And how many weddings must there be to fuel these local magazines?? How about ‘Newmachar Wedding’ – that would be lively – your 50 year old farmer would be there. The titles remind me of ones Bill Bryson made up to illustrate the endless variety of specialist magazines in America – my favourite was ‘Home Surgery Digest’.
    And poor Emily…

    • Ha ha, Newmachar Wedding! Or Newmachar Bride and Groom, starring the farmer’s children? Yes they are almost farcical titles.
      Do you think Emily would be altogether displeased with having her verses above the vegetable section? Perhaps not, after being told her poetry was too awful to publish… or perhaps she would have taken exception to her poem being chopped up.

  6. Hi Christine,
    Thank you for sharing your photos with us, I enjoyed them all! Liked the one of your mum walking Stella, it is so natural. America seems to me a big country in all things so not surprising that you say the produce is large! We hear so much about the Big Apple and Washington that it’s nice to see photos of houses, supermarkets, trees and normal town settings. Hope you’re settling back down into Scottish life.

    • Dear Vicki,
      I’m glad you liked seeing some ordinary glimpses of American life. Although the produce is larger, bigger isn’t always better. Some of the fruits that look really yummy can be tasteless because they’re basically full of water. However, I was sorry we weren’t there in watermelon season – yum!
      Och aye, I think we’re settling in now – it’s nice to be back home and to be back in routine. Thanks for coming by!

  7. Poetry in the supermarket? I can’t see it happening here… except maybe Waitrose in Camden Town!
    As for those magazines – Scotland has its fair share of those bridal beauties – try browsing the shelves of Strachans in Inverurie sometime… you will be amazed! 😉

  8. what a wonderful trip…so funny seeing things through changed eyes isn’t it. We Americans are a bit extravagant (poetry in the market??? who knew). Oregon looks like a beautiful place. Your scarf was lovely…I’m sure it will be treasured.

    • Thanks Lisa! There’s a very nice quality about American extravagance too. I really liked how open and funny people were. I hope you haven’t been affected by the recent storms.

  9. looks like great fun!!!!!!!!

  10. Hello my colleagues, how is everything? Here it is in fact good YouTube movies collection. i enjoyed a lot.

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