Posted by: christinelaennec | April 21, 2011

“Garden” “design”

As I approached a parked van the other day in Aberdeen, I was perplexed by how it advertised its business of “garden design”.  I kept straining my eyes to make sense of the “after” picture:

"Everything for your garden" - van parked in Aberdeen, 2011.

And yes – you can have your living, growing garden transformed into an arid landscape of stone and gravel, for a sum of money!  I don’t believe the photos were accidentally reversed.



  1. This truly is “The world gone mad!!”
    Have a lovely Easter weekend.
    Love from Wales xx

  2. From garden to car park in the blink of an eye – and I bet they still get weeds growing through the cracks!

  3. Very funny! Garden design for the person who doesn’t want a garden! Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. “everything for your garden” seems like a strange way to advertise their services. “tidy ups” … good one. Happy Easter!

  5. Dear All,
    Thanks for the Easter good wishes, and I’m glad you appreciated the irony of this. Roobeedoo, I bet you’re right – getting rid of the weeds between the cracks in the paving would be part of their garden upkeep service, no doubt.

  6. Christine – well spotted! We had a really good laugh at this. I would very much like to post a follow-up to this story on Other Aberdeen, and its parallel significance to wider events and policies in the Urban Realm in our town. May I please have your permission to reproduce your photo? Full accreditation and a linkback to your blog will, of course, be given.
    Alan (Other Aberdeen)

    • I’d be honoured! Thank you for asking. The back of the van is a bit like the UTG / “Civic Square” transformation in miniature isn’t it?

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