Posted by: christinelaennec | April 29, 2011

Happy Royal Wedding

We are having a relaxing morning because we all have the day off school and work, like the majority of people across Britain.  It’s odd to think that there are folks who have spent an uncomfortable night on the Mall in London in order to wish William and Kate well.  Personally, I haven’t met a single person here (and I’ve asked around) who is planning to watch the Royal Wedding unfolding today.  I think one reason that the Royals like to holiday in Scotland is that people tend to leave them respectfully alone.

I’ve heard stories from people hiking near Balmoral (just over an hour west of Aberdeen), or from people who live in the villages nearby, of nonchalant and non-deferential crossing of paths with members of the Royal Family.  We once found ourselves standing next to Prince Edward, waiting to cross the street over to the newly-renovated His Majesty’s Theatre, which he was opening.  There was a red carpet, but no onlookers, and only the smallest rustle of recognition amongst those of us waiting to cross next to the Prince and his security guard – until a drunk man came up and greeted him with a loud:  “How ya doin’ wee mannie?!!”

So I was amused by some souvenirs that I saw for sale in Aberdeen yesterday, and I thought you might be interested to see:

Royal Wedding souvenirs, Aberdeen, 28 April 2011.

I’m a bit puzzled by the sideways St. George’s Cross (flag of England) on this plate. I presume that it’s been turned sideways as a Scottish comment, i.e. that it’s been made to look like the St. Andrew’s Cross (flag of Scotland)? And here are some souvenir plates for the lassies:

More Royal Wedding Souvenirs, Aberdeen, 28 April 2011.

The “Oxfordshire” comment expresses some of the resentment about their great wealth (which we all contribute to via our taxes) that I’ve heard expressed by some.  One person, when I asked if he would be watching the wedding, replied, “Och away!  Bloody parasites!”

Well, William and Kate, I wish you a very happy wedding day.  And thanks very much for the day off!



  1. Hi Christine, love your Aberdeen shop windows! We must each have been writing our Royal Wedding post at the same time. I’m loving the day off – wedding and cake this morning, then allotment in the afternoon – bliss! I don’t have my posh frock on yet, but daughter beside me on the sofa has her glad rags on. She hasn’t gone as far as some of her friends, who are watching the wedding in their ballgowns and (fake) tiaras!

  2. The wedding was beautiful. I saw it on BBC this morning and still looking 🙂

    BTW. of course you can link back to your post about Beltane.

  3. Thanks for the peek in your shop windows. It probably tells more about attitudes than any news I could read on the topic!

  4. I chuckled over this post. I didn’t watch the wedding, myself, (too early to get up!) but I’ll see what I can find on YouTube or the news later. It’s funny to me how many Americans are glued to their televisions!

  5. You have become truly Scottiefied and have left your American roots truly behind as your own countryfolk are going wild over this wedding and you seem to be very non-plussed about it.
    I on the other hand love a good love story and have been glued to the telly. Stunning and very stylish sophisticated/understated dress, just like the bride herself.
    Enjoy the rest of your day off…and just think…you get 4 days off next year when the Queen celebrates 60years on the throne.

  6. I think you’re right about the Royals having their holidays in Scotland because of the lack of fuss. Kate looked very beautiful and it was a good day weather-wise. I wish them well.

  7. I haven’t seen a lot of the wedding, but I loved her dress….and I adore your souvenirs 🙂

  8. It is was most beautiful Wedding….just loved it all…bkm

  9. Dear All,
    We had a great day off, plenty of sunshine for gardening and we watched some of the pomp and circumstance as it unrolled. I too find it odd how many Americans are fascinated by the monarchy. I suppose it has been a few centuries since they went to war to be free of it! The Brits certainly do pageantry very well.

    I was so pleased the day went smoothly, and as many people said, when there is so much suffering in the world it was good to have a celebration. I also thought that William and Kate look like two very grounded people who truly are in love, and that was nice to see. Knitsister, here in Scotland we don’t usually get the English bank holidays, so next year it will be interesting if we get the first Tuesday in June off work!

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