Posted by: christinelaennec | May 7, 2011

Another Day

In the last three weeks or so, Aberdeen has been uncharacteristically blessed with beautiful, sunny days.  As time has gone on, those of us responsible for the care of such things as nasturtium seeds planted by the trusting Sunday School children have been busy watering the parched gardens.  Last week I began seriously checking the weather forecasts – not for warnings of frost, as usual in May, but for any sign of rain headed towards the North-East of Scotland.  I kept chanting to myself the second part of the well-known rhyme:  “… come again ANOTHER DAY!  Please let the Another Day come soon!”

Another Day has finally come.  Two nights ago we had rain, and again this afternoon.

The strawberry patch (with volunteer violet) enjoys a good soaking. 7 May, 2011.

The garden is so happy! I hope you’re enjoying whatever spring weather you’re having.



  1. it’s an interesting metaphor …. the rain on the parched ground. the picture speaks of promise of a bountiful crop of strawberries. it’s a very cheerful picture. i like it!

  2. Crashing thunderstorms in the south, Christine. And, everything is so much fresher this morning, as a result.

  3. We can use some rain too…. but I think I will bring it.We are leaving in an hour for the ferry….and the weather forcast isn’t that good :(…
    But I’ll bring my sunny me…
    Hug and love

  4. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for rain! I haven’t been home for a week, and I dread the state of my plants 😦

  5. I know what you mean, my garden was getting quite desperate too but happy now. Sun is out again this morning though and for now we have had enough rain to keep us going xx

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