Posted by: christinelaennec | May 14, 2011

May Flowers

Look at what the April showers (few though they were) have brought us:

Lily-of-the-valley, 6 May 2011, Aberdeen.

Beautiful pink rhododendron, 12 May 2011, Aberdeen.

This last is one of my favourite roses, because it blooms twice:  once in May and then again in August.  It’s aptly named:  Maigold.

Maigold rose, 14 May 2011, Aberdeen.

I hope you’re enjoying some May flowers now too.



  1. lily of the valley are so pretty … they look so perky. i love roses and the color of your bush there is beautiful.

  2. That is SUCH a north east of Scotland thing – a narrow border of lily of the valley along the shady side of the house.

    What’s the blue flower behind the (lovely) rose? Is it a periwinkle? I am fighting a rampant one in my garden.

    • The lily of the valley photo wasn’t taken in my garden, but yes as you say, you see this kind of border a lot here. The blue flower is columbine – aquilegia to give it its fancy name. They self-sow all around the garden and are mostly purply-blue although some are pink. I think periwinkle need keeping in check, but they are a great ground-cover.

  3. Goodmorning Christine, what a glorious flowers on this rainy Scottish morning,our last day here…..but we have had a wonderful and relaxing time
    Erna xx

    • Oh I’m so glad you’ve had a great time on your trip, Erna. Maybe we’ll see some photos on your blog?

  4. Beautiful..I have one of these Roses too x

  5. The lily of the valley border is beautiful – it fairly sprang up from the screen. May is such a lovely month – everything is so fresh looking. xx

  6. The flowers are so beautiful! I love the smell of the lilly of the valleys. Ours is about to bloom. They welcome us into our home guiding alongside the pathway. It;s such a treat. Your rosebush looks so promising, full of buds and the one rose that is open is so magnificent! I have plans to plant a (small) flower garden with the children this year and thought the temperature is warmer over here the rain just won’t go away… maybe this coming weekend, who knows!

  7. I have been trying to grow Lily of the valley from bulbs but without success – am v jealous!

    • No need to be jealous of me, at any rate – this particular photo is of someone else’s garden! I buy most of my bulbs from Clare Bulbs down in England. Perhaps they would be able to give you some advice? They are very kind and knowledgeable.

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