Posted by: christinelaennec | May 16, 2011

Sunset fish in the sky

It is most unusual for me to go from photo to post within less than about 4 days, but tonight is different because the darling Dafter has very courageously gone on the school trip with her new school!  So let me show you this evening’s sunset, which looked to me like fish flying over the rooftops of Aberdeen.  (Are these the same fish I saw on a winter morning last November?)

Sunset over Aberdeen, 9:40 p.m. 16th May 2011.

What I particularly loved about this moment was how there were little flecks of green on the edges of the clouds (for example, around the fishes’ tails – I haven’t been able to make this any clearer, sorry!).  I once took a course on colour, and our teacher told us that often Nature provides complementary colours.  She said that if you look at a sunset or sunrise sky, you will sometimes see a flash of green against the red – and so it was tonight.  A few minutes later, and around to the left a bit:

Fish in the sky over Aberdeen, 9:42 p.m., 16 May 2011.

I do love these long days, and it’s still more than five weeks until the solstice!



  1. I love a good sunset photo and these are delightful. Amazing that your sunset is at 9:40 pm. ! You must be a fair bit farther north than we are.

  2. What amazing photos! The colours are so intense. I love visiting your blog for the things you notice and the pictures you share. They are always so uplifting!

  3. amazing color in your photos. the blues and pinks are fabulous! thanks for sharing your pictures with us. 🙂

  4. With a blog post title like that how could I not visit even tho I’m about to be late leaving for work! Any Aberdeen skies work for me, but this is fantastic.
    Good luck to The Dafter on her school trip.

  5. I love your flying fish and tell the ‘Dafter’ from me that I think she is a very brave girl indeed…I hope she has a lot of fun x

    PS: I wish you could be joining me and my ‘Knitsisters’ on Knit in Public day too, you’d fit right in 😉

  6. what beautiful sunsets…Love the colors and the ‘flying fishes’. Hope your dafter has a wonderful time. (i’m sure she will..) Have a great week yourself.

  7. Pretty. pretty. And good for the Dafter for going!

  8. Hope your Dafter has a great time – really good that she wanted to go. I love your flying fish – and how they in different directions in the 2 different halves of the year. xx

  9. Thank you all so much for your comments! I love receiving them.

    Sigrid – thanks! Yes, I think Aberdeen is the same latitude as Sitka, Alaska. We are fairly far north.

    Scruffybadger – I’m happy you find my photos ‘uplifting’. It’s so easy to point a camera and push the button, compared to the labour you put into your beautifully crafted garments! (And I always like to see your photos too, especially the twirly ones.)

    ajb – Thanks very much, I’m glad you liked the colours. They shift very quickly.

    Linda – Wow, you were late leaving to work on account of my title! That’s very pleasing. Thanks very much for your good wishes to the Dafter, she’s doing really well.

    Knitsister – I will pass your compliment on to the Dafter. I think she’s very brave, going off on a trip with people she doesn’t know very well. Re. Knitting in Public, I do that most days in fact, but not usually in knitterly company.

    Lisa Q – Thanks so much, and have a great week yourself (I guess it’ll be the Wednesday to Wednesday week at this point – ).

    Kelly – Thanks, I’ll let her know you said that.

    Barefoot Crofter – I’ll pass your words on, and yes, I thought it was really funny that the fish were flying in the opposite direction at sunrise in the winter. Who knows what they get up to in between times!

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