Posted by: christinelaennec | May 28, 2011

Career As Vampire No Longer An Option

My darling Dafter, who has been through such a hard time lately, was a hero yesterday because she had her first operation!

Brave girl in her highly attractive NHS gear

Dental xrays had revealed that her canine teeth were both hopelessly lodged behind her front teeth, and in danger of damaging them.  So out they had to come!

View from the Day Case ward in the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, 27 May 2011. The North Sea is shimmering beyond the city buildings.

“Now I can never be a vampire!” she reflected.  “They’ve taken away my fangs!”  The tooth fairy was very prompt and even paid a visit to the hospital, although disappointingly there was not a higher rate for surgically-removed teeth.

Leaving to come home, minus fangs but plus balloon.

We were home by the afternoon.  Tilly was fascinated by the balloon, and spent some time gazing longingly up at it:

Tilly's whiskers are in pounce mode!

Today the Dafter has been sore but very, very good about it.  We’re all so relieved to have this behind us, and I cannot praise the staff at the Children’s Hospital enough.  They were brilliant.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!



  1. Oh a big hug to The Dafter – how brave was she? And the photo of the cat is just wonderful!

  2. How brave The Dafter has been, despite we have one vampire less now 🙂
    A big Hug for Motter and Dafter…..
    Erna xx

  3. Brave Dafter, indeed! Here’s wishing her a total absence of soreness, asap.

  4. Hi Christine,
    The Dafter has a great spirit! Being uncomplaining and even managing a smile is a lovely insight into her personality. Soon it will be all but a memory.

  5. Fangtastic!
    (Sorry – couldn’t resist!)
    Well done Ms Dafter! 🙂

  6. Oh, I don’t know, I read a book once about a vampire that had had his fangs out. He managed to be vampiric enough without them 😉

  7. glad all went well. i’m happy for you that it’s all over. sometimes the anticipation can be mind-numbing. big hug to your daughter and yourself. hooray for children’s hospitals! thank goodness we have them.

  8. Dear all,

    Thanks very much for your kind wishes – the Dafter has been really boosted by them. Yes, we are blessed with a great children’s hospital here in Aberdeen, and also with a wonderful cat. And as a few of you have said, it’s a lot of worry beforehand and great to have it over and done with.

    Roobeedoo – Badaboom!

    Mags – now that is interesting! The Dafter was pleased to hear there are some dentally challenged vampires out there.

  9. Glad to hear it all went well & the worrying (for both of you) is over. 🙂

  10. How good to get that done. I think it takes more bravery as a young adolescent than as a child, because you’re so much more aware of what’s involved.
    Your cat’s expression is priceless!
    Dental challenges here too – after having straight teeth all through early teens when all her friends had braces, daughter has just been told she needs braces. They’ll probably last all through S6 and perhaps into first term at university…She’s trying to look on the bright side.

  11. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery!

  12. Poor girl! But, it appears she has navigated this with a sense of humor! Be well.

  13. Brave girl, Give her my best wishes for an instant recovery !

  14. Dear Scruffybadger, Linda, Luciana, Lovely World and Sigrid,

    Thank you all so much for your good wishes and kind comments. A week and a day on, I would say that it’s pretty much completely behind us. And yes – a relief!

    Linda – I suppose the good news for your daughter’s orthodontic surprise is that everyone at every age seems to have braces nowadays. Our GP, who is a beautiful mother of youngish children, has braces top and bottom. I hope your daughter can succeed in seeing the bright side as often as possible.

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