Posted by: christinelaennec | June 2, 2011

Beautiful June

Gosh, can it be true?  It’s June!  My garden has been a joy:

Ranunculus in the evening sunlight, 1st of June 2011, Aberdeen.

And the lupin that I grew from seed winter before last – and have very lazily not staked in any way this year – has survived the gales to give us the most wonderful display of blooms.  The bees love it:

Very strong lupin - with even more blooms on the way! 1st June 2011, Aberdeen.

And once again we have the long summer nights, where I can sit in the bay window and knit until after 10:00, while the bats dart about outside.  Here is the sunset sky at 10:40 pm last night:

Sunset sky to the North-West: 10:40 pm, 1st June 2011, Aberdeen.

I wish you a very happy month of June!



  1. It stays light that late? Amazing! I love your ranunculus! I’ve always wanted to grow them. And your lupines are stunning. Have you ever read the children’s book Miss Rumphius? Lupines always make me think of that great book. Have a wonderful start to your summer!

    • Dear Lisa,
      Yes it is amazing and every year people (even Aberdonians) go around saying, “Isn’t it incredible, it’s past 10:00 and it’s still light!” – just as in January we go around marvelling that it’s still light at 3 p.m.
      Oh yes, I LOVE Miss Rumphius! The first guerilla gardener. It is a great book – one of those children’s books that I am keeping for myself.

  2. I think we need a picture of you knitting in the window! 😉
    glad your lupins survived. I lost my verbena bonariensis but everything else seems to be OK.

    • Oh I’m sorry about your verbena. Is that the kind that you can grow fairly easily from seed? I hope so. As for a photo – I will have to contact my photographer!

  3. It’s frightening how quickly we speed through this year…lovely photos as always

    • Yes, it seems it was only yesterday the snows were melting! Glad you liked the photos – thanks!

  4. OH, there is nothing for joy like children and flowers. And ranunculus are SO my favorite.

    • Yes, I have to agree with you about both children and flowers bringing such deep joy. I’m glad you’re another fan of ranunculus! They should have a wider following.

  5. we experienced the late lightness last time we were back in Scotland. it makes the night feel so much shorter and somehow it is strangely comforting to have light so late. love the picture …. brings back good memories.

    • Oh I’m glad it brought back some good memories of your last trip to Scotland. There is something comforting about it, you’re right.

  6. The longer days are, indeed, a blessing. Those kind of sunsets have a cosy feel about them.

  7. The long evenings of June are so precious. There’s time to sleep in the winter.

    • Ha ha – do you find yourself still buzzing around doing things at 11 pm? I do! And you’re right, there’s time to sleep in the winter – although never enough in my experience. 6 am in January feels so much more brutal when you’ve had a gentle, golden 5:30 am in June…

  8. I love these evenings, just got in from my balcony at 22.30 and it still isn’t dark.
    Like your beautiful flowers..

    • Thanks Erna – glad you’re enjoying light evenings as well. And lucky you to have a balcony!

  9. Your flower garden is looking glorious! The blooms look like fireworks.
    Thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog.

    • You’re right, they do look like fireworks! Your blog is lovely, I always enjoy visiting it and seeing your creative life.

  10. Hi Christine,
    You paint a peaceful, beautiful portrait of your life, flowers, knitting by the night sky…joy indeed. Here, it’s dark at 6pm and no flowers so thank you for sharing yours.

    • Dear Vicki,
      I suppose you antipodeans are heading into your season of rest right now. It’s always odd to reflect that half the world are on the opposite side of the year’s wheel than us. But then time goes so quickly, as Heike said, blink and summer has come again.

  11. Gorgeous June. I love these long endless days, knitting and reading until late in the daylight. I love lupins. I left a beautiful stand of red ones by my old front door, but i will attempt them here. xxx

    • I was once told that in Gaelic, the summer is considered to be May-June-July, and August is when the autumn begins. (This from a Scalpach.) It makes sense to me when you think of the light in the islands and the wealth of wildflowers in those months.
      Good luck with your lupins. I often grow them from seed I’ve gathered – they don’t always come true so it can be interesting. I plant the seeds in small pots in September and nurse 2 or 3 through the winter on the windowsill, then put them into the garden the next spring. I’ve often noticed a lot of Red Hot Pokers in the islands, so maybe with some support and shelter lupins can survive as well.

  12. I, too, am enjoying gardening this year. I have never grown ranunculus – yours look beautiful. What a treat to have so much light so late into the evening. I know you have darkness later in the year – but I still love the idea of such long days.

    • Yes, the long days are a treat. Ranunculus is easy-peasy to grow – it’s a corm, I think. Stick them in the ground with some good drainage in the autumn and wait to see the results in the spring! They like the sun.

  13. I’m not keen on lupins – they make me sneeze, badly. But living in Oxford I do miss the light nights that I enjoyed for many years in Aberdeen.
    Your ranunculus are really beautiful.

  14. What beautiful flowers! I’m very jealous. Mine are all looking a bit sad because of the drought 😦

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