Posted by: christinelaennec | June 7, 2011

Railings Redux

In February, I posted about the railings of Aberdeen that had been sacrificed as scrap iron in World War II.  A few days ago, I walked past the same place I’d taken the top photo in my earlier post, only to discover that the Jewel in the Crown restaurant has erected some splendid replacements!

Restoration, of a sort: the new railings of the Jewel in the Crown restaurant. Crown Street, Aberdeen, June 2011.

Until recently, there were only holes in the low wall in front of the two houses on the left.  The railings in front of the third house (with the wheelie bin) are original.  Now as you can see, the replacement railings are grander than even the fanciest Victorian railings would have been. I like their Indian flavour, pardon the pun, and at the same time I think they go well with their gold-tipped neighbours.  Here’s a closer-up view:

Jewel in the Crown railings, a closer view. Crown Street, Aberdeen, June 2011.

I will just say here that I have a great affection for the Jewel in the Crown restaurant.  Michael and I treat ourselves to lunch there every December:  our annual date!  (Our son was very puzzled by this when he found out:  “but you’re already married – why do you need to go on a date?”)  They serve delicious food and the staff are unfailingly kind and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend their vegetarian thali, although to fully appreciate it, you’re better off not eating a thing for about six hours beforehand.  So I am well-disposed towards their contribution to restoring the lost railings of Aberdeen.

What do you think?



  1. Hi Christine,

    I think….what a noble cause in removing the railings, a very justifiable reason. The new railings are very regal and add the finishing touch to the architecture, now it looks finished, the owners must feel very pleased with such a splendid outcome. I’m starting to love Aberdeen from your photos and interesting pieces of information.

    • There’s no better word for these railings than “regal”! I’m glad you like my glimpses of Aberdeen, Vicky. Thanks for reading!

  2. the railings are gorgeous! i love the black/gold colors and the arch is beautiful.

    • Yes, I really like the black/gold, and the arches too!

  3. How lovely! The owners must have spent a lot of money on this, and to me the result make the expenditure worthwhile. What interests me is the apparent lack of advertising & signage on the building. Where’s the flashing neon sign? I wonder: does Aberdeen have some sort of conservation code in this area that forbids such garish adornments?

    • Yay, another vote for the railings! I’m glad you like them, and yes they surely cost a pretty penny. I hadn’t noticed lack of signage, but perhaps there are conservation regulations in place. The restaurant’s sign is on the front of the building, near the corner, in silver letters: subtle! (You can just see ‘Jewel’ in the photo.)

  4. Lovely bit of Scottish-Indian fusion!

    • Glad you like them, Linda. ‘Scottish-Indian fusion’ – great phrase!

  5. Indeed a lovely restauration project. Isn’t it lovely to see when people care? Are you doing something on Knit in Public day?

    • Yes, it is wonderful when people care about their environment. Thinking locally! I think I may possibly be doing a bit of individual Knitting in Public on Saturday, but not joining in any organised activities. (Lots of days are Knitting in Public days for me, as I often knit on the bus!)

  6. I think there is NO chance that you could squeeze through those railings after a vegetable thali!
    ; )

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