Posted by: christinelaennec | June 14, 2011

City Country Life

One of the things I like very much about Aberdeen is that you’re never all that far from the countryside.  For example, this is what you see looking down Holburn Street, ten minutes’ walk from the city centre:

Looking down Holburn Street, Aberdeen, at the countryside to the south. May 2011.

I don’t know who lives in that white farmhouse on the other side of the River Dee, but I doubt they imagine how much I enjoy the view of their house!

Another “country” aspect that I relish, living in town, are the skies.  Here is 10 pm the other evening:

Sunset, Aberdeen, 10 pm on the 9th of June 2011.

Henry David Thoreau, disgusted by the rapid changes to 19th-century New England countryside, wrote “Thank God they cannot cut down the clouds!”  Faced with continuing ravaging of the countryside – goodness only knows what Thoreau would make of the 21st century – I often take comfort from this.



  1. Thank heaven for the clouds 🙂

  2. I have ‘Walden: or, Life in the Woods’ on my ‘to read’ pile.

  3. HI Christine,
    You should work for Aberdeen Tourism! Your posts make me want to book a flight immediately! You can live in the city and still feel all the benefits of the countryside. We have about a 10 minute drive to the rolling hills but to see it as you go about your day would be calming for the soul.

    It would be nice if you could meet the people in the white house?
    Have a lovely week,

  4. 10 pm at night and the sky is so magnificent. fabulous! i remember when i went to Inverness for the first time and it felt like the city had been dropped into the middle of gorgeous countryside. it’s amazing how many cities in Scotland are like that. (i read your comment to me on the last post and i think that seems like a very sensible idea).

  5. How cool! I love synchronicity. Just yesterday I watched a movie called (and set in the town) Aberdeen. I love that!

  6. Hi Christine, I showed your pictures to Ron and the only thing he said to me was:
    Do we have to go to France in October…….
    Erna xx

  7. Dorit – yes indeed, and thanks for the laugh!

    Martin – I haven’t read Walden for many years but recently read Thoreau’s book on Walking, which I enjoyed.

    Vicki – I’m glad I’ve made you want to visit Aberdeen! It is a nice place to be. Perhaps I will meet the people in the white house, Aberdeen is a small place too.

    ajb – how right you are about Scottish cities being “dropped into the countryside”!

    Relyn – how amazing! I haven’t heard of that movie, but I’ll have to check it out!

    Erna – that’s funny. Well, France is nice too!

  8. I envy those late-night Scottish sunsets! I remember sitting outside on Skye at 11 PM in mid July and marveling at the vestiges of daylight.

    • Whoops, sorry I should have replied sometime last week! Yes, every year it is incredible. Even with the rain, it’s light at 11 pm and you could easily read by the window with no lamp.

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