Posted by: christinelaennec | June 19, 2011

In Praise of Fathers

This morning the Dafter and I were up on the early side, finishing preparations to surprise Michael, who had completely forgotten that today is Father’s Day.

Father's Day breakfast and card, both made by the Dafter for her Dad. (Scottish raspberries - yum!)

He was very pleased, and grateful.  But we are grateful to him.  Here are a few of the reasons he is a fabulous Dad:

  • He has always made time to go to the children’s school events and performances (and also take the Dafter to the dentist);
  • He cooks delicious teas for us nearly every night;
  • He is very talented at drawing funny cartoons and cards;
  • He can knit and sew;
  • He grows wonderful vegetables;
  • When we were battling to have our son properly looked after, he attended probably over a hundred meetings concerning our son’s future.  This included being made to sit outside a crucial 3 1/2-hour-long meeting about our son’s future, from which Michael was cruelly excluded by the Social Work department;
  • During the first four years of our son being in residential school, Michael never complained about the fact that we made on average 50 round-trips there (3 hours each way) a year;
  • He gave up a great deal professionally to be able to look after both our children’s interests during a period of about seven years;
  • He stays calm and has enormous patience;
  • He does (and says he enjoys doing) all the ironing for our family;
  • He is the master of witty puns – and cryptic crosswords;

So for all these things, and more, Michael we thank you.  Happy Father’s Day!


Father's Day bouquet 2011: from our garden.

And a happy Father’s Day to all fathers (and grandfathers) today!



  1. Happy Father’s Day and have a wonderful Sunday
    Erna xx

  2. All good wishes to Michael, on this special day.

  3. Dad’s are simply wonderful creatures…sometimes weird and sometimes grumpy, but mostly simply fantastic to have around. here is to all of them!! x

  4. Oops, I forgot! Daughter forgot. Son forgot (he’s abroad just now, so he sort of has an excuse). I did bring my husband a cup of tea in bed this morning. And I am grateful that he has gone over to the other side of the city to collect daughter from the gym…

  5. What a wonderful tribute you’ve written for Michael, and what a blessing you have in your husband. The bouquet of flowers from your garden are gorgeous, too!

  6. What a fabulous guy! I love hearing about happy families!

  7. gorgeous flowers from your garden. (i like the sheets blowing on your line … love laundry outside).

  8. This man is amazing! …and most definitely not typical of all fathers (or even most). In fact, from what you say, I don’t know any other father who could hold a candle to him.

    You’re all very privileged to know him.

  9. A belated Happy Father’s Day, Michael!

  10. What a touching post. He sounds like the most wonderful and special Father.
    The breakfast looked delicious 🙂

  11. Thank you very much to everyone for your lovely comments! Michael had a difficult day at work yesterday and so has been boosted by reading them, and says thank you to all of you. Yes, we are very lucky to have such a great father in our family – and there are a lot of them around.

    Vicky, I agree it is great to hear about happy families. I think there’s been a hundred times more research into unhappy families than into why the happy ones are happy.

    ajb, glad you like the header. The sheets are in fact my neighbour’s! We share the garden (back & front yards).

    Linda, it sounds like there would have been no hard feelings, especially if you brought him a cup of tea not even realising.

    oldblack, yes I agree we’re very lucky; but also, it’s quite amazing how many people find themselves doing extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances, when called upon to do so.

  12. What a wonderful Father’s Day tribute you have written to Michael. What a gem! But you already know that! I’ll look forward to catching up on your back posts. I’m enjoying your blog very much..

  13. That image is so gorgeous. And that list makes me happy. How blessed you all are.

  14. Relyn, I was inspired to make a list by you! Yes, we are very blessed.

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