Posted by: christinelaennec | July 24, 2011

Only in Aiberdeen

The Denburn viaduct behind one of "Kelly's Cats," Aberdeen.

Another installment from the “overheard” series now. You have to imagine the following spoken in broad Aberdonian, if you can:

“Every time I went to Doha [in Qatar], I used to buy about ten watches…  Aye, they werenae dear back then…. Well, if I’m in the airport I just switch off, ken fit ah mean?  If there’s a delay, people start ragin’ and I think, ‘At least you’re nae stuck in Saudi!’  Only time I was jealous – this guy in the queue had his laptop and he was bookin’ flights while we was waitin’.  Wee jammy git!”

It is a fact that this city in the North of Scotland has always had commercial ties to places far away.  As early as the 15th century, Aberdeen traded with the Baltic; since the 1970s the oil industry has meant that many local people are familiar with the Middle East and indeed with life on the oil rigs in all sorts of far-flung parts of the world.

* Wee jammy git:  loosely translated, a wee lucky you-know-what.



  1. I love the loose translation, Christine.

  2. Love reading such a smiling post on a rainy and dull Sunday…
    Thanks and hugs

  3. lol .. priceless. these litle pieces of conversation are terrific. thanks, Christine.

  4. ‘Wee jammy git’ indeed for booking those flights a lot cheeper than anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!! and that drives any scotsman mad, as they like to save their pennies 😉

  5. I do believe I’ve learned a new phrase. Wee jammy git. Completely priceless.

  6. Too funny! I love the translation – never would have guessed what that phrase could mean! I can just hear the lilting accent in my mind when I read your post, as if I were there. xx

  7. Dear Everyone,

    How fun that you enjoyed that! I will be an even keener eavesdropper in future. I should probably say that ‘git’ isn’t the equivalent of a bad word, it basically means ‘idiot’. So feel free to use ‘wee jammy git’ in front of the children.

  8. What fun! Just as my heart beats double-time when I hear the pipes, it seems I can hear the words in my head.

  9. […] I wrote here, Aberdeen has many links to the Middle East because of the oil industry.  There are some people, […]

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