Posted by: christinelaennec | July 29, 2011

More word play

Stones on Catterline Beach, Scotland, June 2010.

I just love the “random” strings of letters that appear when you post a comment on someone’s blog.  Apologies to those who are bored by such things, but here are a few more fictitious definitions:

psycl: a two-wheeled vehicle that psychics ride

eresivag:  place name from the Isle of Harris

strooted:  Scots word meaning “completed full up after having over-eaten”.  “Ah’m fair strooted” (pron. stroo-ed)

zygeness:  the zeitgeist of Inverness

bedrag:  the thing that renders you bedraggled

nestrai:  how the Royal Family would pronounce “nice try” – if they were to use such a vulgar turn of phrase

unoffs:  a sort of French “one-off”

considle:  to think about something while shuffling sideways

really:  ??!



  1. those are beautiful stones. favorite word would have to be “nestrai”. 🙂

  2. These word verifications can be fun,can’t they. I once wrote a poem littered with them A Callous Hetspeli

  3. Love the photo of the stones! I so enjoy anything to do with Scotland…even quaint phrases! Would love to hear them in person…

  4. It must be my brain but I have had some really rude ones, or so it looked on first trying to work the letters out!
    Better go sit in the naughty corner.

  5. Pretty stones, and such clever interpretations! So funny!

  6. My friend Gail has some good words – anecdotage – for rambling seniors. And my mother uses hoochmilarity – any traditional Scottish entertainment involving alcohol.

  7. These are so great especially considle, and now I take the time to giggle about them whenever I run across them myself.

  8. I play those games, too. So, I love, love, love this post!!

  9. Dear All,

    Thanks for all your comments, and for playing along. Jean, I love “anecdotage” and “hoochmilarity”! Martin, your poem is very clever and funny – a real challenge to confect. It’s amazing to think that there is actually NO LIMIT to the things our brains can think up, if given the opportunity…

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