Posted by: christinelaennec | August 21, 2011

Sunday morning blueberry pancakes

Two astonishing things:  I went out this morning and picked blueberries for pancakes, and I’m posting about it right away before church!

Blueberries in the garden, Aberdeen, August 2011.

I think we’ve lost a few blueberries to the birds, but I can’t begrudge them.  I’m nervous about netting them because we had a few adventures with young birds caught in the strawberry nets earlier in the summer.  I know that the answer is to make cages, but the garden is so small I couldn’t bear to be gazing out on huge net cages for the sake of a few berries.

The Dafter making blueberry pancakes, August 2011.

The Dafter, who even as a teenager rises fairly early and is usually a very cheerful morning soul – bless you, my Dafter! – helped to make the pancakes.

Flowers from the garden with kitchen table clutter, August 2011.

And I can’t resist including a photograph of a bouquet from the garden.  Despite a very cold rainy summer, the back patch is coming into its own and giving us profuse colour and blooms.  Note the bottle of maple syrup from Canada – it’s very expensive (we give bottles of it to our son as gifts!) but we could never be without it.  When you think of how much work goes into producing maple syrup, I think it’s worth it.

I wish everyone a peaceful Sunday (or whatever day of the week you may be reading this)!



  1. Seems like we have exactly the same blueberry experience. I too am reluctant to net, ever since visiting my Dad when he was still gardening but not going out every day or even every second day to check things, and finding a dead sparrow caught up in a strawberry net.
    My lot are all away doing watersports at the university’s field centre on Loch Tay, so just a handful of blueberries for breakfast for me rather than pancakes. But I did make courgette pancakes last night from our own courgettes. Things are coming to an August peak right now. It is a lovely warm, soft morning in Edinburgh – hope it’s the same in Aberdeen.
    Having a teenager who is ‘does’ mornings is a great blessing!

  2. Blueberries grow in Aberdeen? Really? Ooh! 😀

  3. I love your ‘kitchen table clutter’ it looks perfect and pretty with the flowers – had you eaten all the pancakes by then..!

  4. your flowers are gorgeous! i’m thinking of having some blueberries for breakfast too but ours are from the shop. how delightful to have some right in your garden. bless your dear daughter for getting up to make pancakes with you. hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Blue berry anything is great, my fave is in porridge or pudding rice , shame we dont get them all year long , i notice the price of them has risen over the past ten year though, no doubt because they are healthy , pancakes is one for me to try though. happy pancake flipping!!

  6. Oh, fresh blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup…. Is there anything better on a summer morning? So sweet of your daughter to help make them and your flowers are lovely! Not netting your berries to protect the birds is very kind. xx

  7. Thanks to everyone for leaving a comment!

    Linda – yes we had a beautiful Sunday morning here too. Your courgette pancakes sound very yummy. Michael made courgette cake from his own produce on Sunday – so our families were cooking with synchronicity! I hope all the water-sporty ones in your family had a great time. And thank you for reminding me what a blessing it is to have a teenager who ‘does’ mornings!

    Roobeedoo – oh yes they do! They need ericaceous soil, not to be planted too deep so their roots are very close to the surface, and a blueberry pal nearby for fertility. I think it’s best if the pal is a different type of blueberry? (not totally sure) They grow wild in rainy places like Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Mine withstood being buried in snow for two months last winter as well.

    Ann – yes, that shot was post-pancake. Our kitchen table, and various other surfaces in our kitchen, are almost always cluttered. It’s the most used room in the house!

    ajb – shop blueberries are very good too! Yes we had a really good Sunday, with time and weather for gardening. I just love growing flowers. My Dad thinks I’m crazy because you can’t eat them.

    Jake – I’m with you about the supremacy of blueberries. I think they’re worth the money! Hope you enjoy blueberry pancakes if you make them.

    Karen – I agree, the perfect summer morning. Glad you enjoyed the flowers. If we had more space I would make net cages because I’m sure the birds don’t NEED my berries. But we had a blackbird nest in the garden this summer, and I thought it was wonderful to see the fledgelings. So I’m happy to help the birds.

  8. The birds ate all of my strawberries, but you’re right, I don’t begrudge them the food.

    I’m noting the maple syrup! It’s very expensive here too, but I’m quite happy to pay for it. Tastes like home, in a weird, highly sugary, way.

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