Posted by: christinelaennec | August 27, 2011

August sunsets in Aberdeen

I’m not the only one here who feels the nights drawing in about now.  After our long summer evenings, people are commenting wistfully on how early it is dark now – knowing that soon it will only get much darker, much earlier!

Here’s what sunset at 8:30 has looked like recently:

Sunset in Aberdeen, 22 August 2011, 8:30 pm.

Sunset in Aberdeen, 27 August 2011, 8:30 pm.

I think my camera was a bit dazzled by the sunset tonight!  (I’m sure there’s a technical reason that eludes my point-and-shoot knowledge of photography.)

Instead of feeling resentful about the nights drawing in, I’m trying to remind myself that an 8:30 sunset means it’s still light pretty late.  I will enjoy them while they last, which will not be much longer!

I hope everyone’s having a really good weekend. I believe those in England have a bank holiday on Monday – make the most of it!



  1. crazy as it might seem, i actually enjoy the sun setting earlier. it means it gets cooler earlier and there is a nice breeze. i like the contrasting pictures … it’s amazing how fast it happens.

  2. I really look forward to the movement of our sunset towards 8:30 (it never gets there – the best we can manage, with the help of daylight saving, is about 8:10). It’s great to have some daylight left when I get home from work (at about 6pm)…to cook and eat dinner outdoors, or even do those mundane outdoor tasks for which the weekend doesn’t seem to have enough hours.
    Unfortunately, I’ve never found the time to get a camera out and take a picture of the sunset! And my camera was stolen a couple of weeks ago, so that particular action is now completely off the agenda 😦

  3. The year seems to be racing by – it certainly begins to feel very autumnal. There is a storm here this morning. As I look out of the window the sky is full low cloud and mist, the hills are blotted out by sheets of rain. The trees are bending in the wind and white waves rush along the loch.
    Your sunset pictures are beautiful. A fitting end to the wonderful long and light days of summer. What a good thing it will come again next year!

  4. Yes, our days are showing distinct signs of shortening, too. Another turn of the wheel.

  5. Both of Your photos are very beautiful. I cannot say which one is my favorite.

    That was interesting way to make a comparison.

  6. Yes, that Scottish litany of ‘the nights are fair drawing in’ is beginning to be heard. For the moment for us the onset of autumn is all about endings – school re-started, son packing to go away to university, end of evenings free of homework, end of long impromptu conversations with our children, who are the nicest people we know. Of course for them it’s all about moving forward (tho daughter does regret the end of the holiday!), and all I feel is that I miss their company. I need to convince myself to look forward to some of the good things about autumn, but this summer has been so fleeting that I’m not ready for it yet. Oh, I know – the end of the Edinburgh Festival 😉

  7. Beautiful photos as always. I always look upon evenings starting earlier as more knitting time 🙂 by the fire x

  8. Our days are growing shorter here too..but that’s alright with me…just means that it’s time for a bit more routine. Your sunsets are beautiful.

  9. Oh, such beautiful sunsets! I love the chimneys! It is so bittersweet – these shorter days. Thank you for sharing your beautiful skies. xx

  10. trying to hold on to the light here too

  11. Thanks to everyone – yes, having longer evenings is wonderful from a knitting perspective!

    oldblack – that’s terrible that your camera was stolen! I do hope you can get another one very soon. 😦

    Ann and Martin – yes indeed, we need the wheel to turn in order for it to come again next year.

    Linda – what a lovely comment. I kept thinking about your children being “the nicest people we know”. It can be really hard to let go when it’s their time to find their wings. I hope you’re beginning to remember some good things about autumn by now! (won’t mention the trams)

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