Posted by: christinelaennec | October 1, 2011

The church garden: the wheel turns again

Thank you to everyone for your loving wishes for the Dafter’s recovery.  Now for a lighter post:  the church garden!  I haven’t been able to spend nearly as much time in it as I would like, but I LOVE the time I do have there.  Here is what it looked like at the end of the summer:

South Holburn church garden, Aberdeen, 21st August 2011.

The bedding plants were all grown by members of the church, and the Livingston daisies put on a great show despite a rainy and cool summer.  As you can see, I let the foxgloves have their way!

One of the borders in the church garden, South Holburn Church, Aberdeen, 26 Sept 2011.

There is such a striking beauty about the flowers of September, I think.  I love the Michaelmas daisies, crocosmias and Kaffir lilies blazing away in the slanting sunlight.

As you can see, the church garden has been somewhat obliterated by the effects of the building work that’s going on at the church:

The church garden, South Holburn Church, Aberdeen, 26 Sept. 2011.

Less to weed!  Lucky for me just now, as with domestic things the church garden has been a bit much for me (even with the lawn-mower and my 18-year-old helper).  However, I asked for more help recently and two lovely volunteers stepped right up, so I’m very grateful for that.

When I was working in the garden on Monday, it seemed to me that this perfect dahlia really ought to come home to be admired, as it wouldn’t last until Sunday:

Dahlia from the church garden, September 2011.

What a beautiful wee face it has!  Flowers give me great hope and courage:  they want only to bloom.

Wishing you all a great rest of your weekend, and a happy start to October.



  1. Gorgeous flowers!!! Beautiful blog — I’m adding it to my list 🙂
    Thank you sweetly for the lovely comment on my blog — I’ll look up that scripture. Many thanks again.


  2. Lovely pictures – I may not comment everytime, but I do enjoy them- I love what you see! And, by the way, I like your autumnal banner picture … my favorite season

  3. The garden is looking amazing for October. The livingtstone daisies remind me of my grandparents’ garden in Buckie. They were one of the sure-fire plants to withstand the sea winds.
    That dahlia looks as if it was grown specially to suit the blue and white vase.

  4. your dahlia is beautiful! flowers are such a gift, especially in times when we need a little extra comfort. hope you have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂

  5. I love your Church Garden, especially the Michaelmas daisies! They are so bright and cheery. It is so wonderful that you take the time to tend to this lovely garden on top of all that you do. You are an exceptional person, Christine, and a real inspiration. xx

  6. it is a beauty of a dahlia and you were wise to bring it home to enjoy it. I just caught up on your last post and I hope your daughter is feeling better. Being a mama is tough on your heart and you’ve had so much to work through this past year. I’ll be praying for her healing and for peace for you in the midst of the wait. hugs to you!

  7. I agree that dahlia has the sweetest little face!

  8. Happy October, friend. Heaven on Earth – now. OH, I do love this month!

  9. Dear Everyone,

    Thank you all for your lovely comments and good wishes. I’m glad you liked the dahlia and felt I was justified in picking it to enjoy at home during the week! We’ve had a few days of very lovely Indian Summer, although the weekend was wet.

    Tanya, I am very honoured to have a place in the Sampler Girl blog list! Thank you.

    Karen, your extravagant praise is much appreciated! There’s an expression here in Scotland, if someone praises you overly much, you say “Steady on!” Good thing I’m American and I can just bask in it.

    Lisa, thanks for your kind words. It has been a tough year but I’m sure we will all be stronger for it. I know we will get through, with our usual Help from Above.

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