Posted by: christinelaennec | October 4, 2011

Torry quine

Yesterday I went to that part of Aberdeen called Torry.  There’s an excellent cobbler there, several Polish businesses, a bustling neighbourhood atmosphere, and the unmistakable smell of fish.  Torry is across from the harbour and is home to several fish processing plants.

And I saw this:

Strange happenings in Torry?

I’ve named the photo “Torry quine” because “quine” means girl or woman in the local dialect here.  I hope she’s okay.  I like to imagine that she feels a bit out of kilter but is trying to make the best of things and is glad to have a view!



  1. Maybe her name is Jill and she is looking for Jack’s crown and she somehow got herself in a pickle. xx

  2. At least she has a good view.

  3. you know it’s really all about perspective. sometimes i think i look at life that way …. feeling a bit out of kilter but trying to make the best of it 🙂

  4. I think she was getting adventurous and fell over the back of the box some little girl will be hunting high and low for her, soon to be recovered and loved again and may be find her Bridegroom


  5. I love this.

  6. Maybe it’s a clue to a mystery, famous five style? The giant 2, the floating prone dolly, the CROWN? Does Ted Rogers live there maybe?

  7. I love your off kilter view of things. Love it!

  8. Oh thank you for these great comments and imagined scenarios. Yes, I thought she was kind of emblematic of how many of us deal with what life throws at us – enjoy the view and pretend nothing’s unusual!

  9. Abandoned dolls might have worse fates than that.

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