Posted by: christinelaennec | October 8, 2011


I recently had the wonderful experience of being asked to write a short story for publication.  Imagine!  The invitation came from a beautiful little magazine published in Australia called Spoonful.  Its mission is to be beautiful, inspirational, and to leave its readers with a smile.  I love the koala and the swallow on the envelope it arrived in:

Lovely Spoonful magazine

Inside, there are stories, a craft project, and articles showcasing crafting talent…

Inside Issue 5 of Spoonful

I like the quotations and the artwork:

Spoonful Issue 5 artwork

If you’re interested in finding out how to get a copy of your own, click here.  And if you’re interested in reading “Offering,” my story, I’ve added it to my Short Story pages (here).  Thank you, Spoonful, for asking me!

I’d planned to plant daffodils in the church garden this afternoon, but the rain has very much made itself known, and it’s too rainy even for me to garden.  I may get up early tomorrow and do some planting, then come home and change into my Sunday-Go-To-Meeting clothes and go back again for the service.  (Just must remember to give my nails a good scrub – not that God cares.)

And on this rainy, snug afternoon I’ve had that lovely feeling of thinking for a moment that the weekend has come to an end – and then remembering there’s a Whole Nother Day of it left!   I hope you’re all having a good weekend.




  1. Hi! Congratulations with your short story! It must be so fun to be published. I have a secret dream of writing too, but it doesn’t seem to be enough time these days (bad excuse, I know). I’ll do some gardening tomorrow too, however it’ll be in the snow as it arrived today. Will not stay though, that’s a comfort! Hope your daughter is feeling better.

  2. How wonderful! Well done, having a story published. It looks a great magazine too – slightly different from all the mainstream publications.

  3. I love the “look” of that magazine – what a special thing to be included in! I did some weeding and bulb-planting this morning before the rain came. I do hope it stays away tomorrow so I can finish the job.

  4. This looks like a really ‘different’ sort of magazine, looks like a gap for a publisher in the UK market. Good luck with the daffs, very damp here in Essex but clear bright sunshine!


  5. A charming book, Christine. I hope the rain subsides long enough for you to complete your planting.

  6. If this post was supposed to be beautiful, inspirational, and to leave its readers with a smile then it worked! Excellent!

  7. Lovely Christine! Thank YOU so much for helping make this issue really sparkle. Your story has definitely left a beautiful mark on all our hearts 🙂

    It was a honour to have you inside our pages, and a true delight to work with you!

    Love that you’re going to plant daffodils! Thank goodness for people like yourself!


  8. Christine, love your story! full of hope and goodness. congratulations for having your story published. really wonderful.

  9. Lovely little magazine and well done to you to get your story published. I hope you got to plant your daffodils as well and enjoyed your weekend. x

  10. Dear All,

    Thank you so much for all the warm wishes. I haven’t yet managed to get the daffodils in the ground! I was just too beat on Sunday morning. But I will get them planted soon. At least we don’t yet have *snow* as you do, Mali! The Dafter is slowly recuperating, thanks. She managed a trip into town today – under normal circumstances shopping for clothes is something she dislikes and finds exhausting, so she did very well, just taking things slowly.

  11. Ooo how exciting to be in print in such an inspiring looking magazine. I look forwars to reading your piece.

  12. Oh, Christine, how wonderful to be published in such a sweet little magazine, and your story is so uplifting! Congrats to you! Also, wonderful news that the Dafter is up and around again. I have been hoping to hear good news! Looking forward to seeing your daffodils blooming in the Spring. xx

  13. Congratulations on your newly published story…what an accomplishment. Love the look of the publication. So nice when you get an extra unexpected day in your weekend. Have a wonderful week!

  14. Dear Christine, sorry for the very late reply but our computer had died, due to a huge thunderstorm.Congratulations with this beautiful story…..Hope you’re all fine

  15. Hello again Christine! Wow, how exciting to be published in such a beautifully crafted magazine. Congratulations! I look forward to reading your short story.

  16. Dear Sigrid, Karen Erna, Lisa, Erna and Luciana,

    Thank you all for your very kind words. Erna, sorry to hear about your computer, and I hope you can get a replacement soon. Karen, and Erna, thanks for your thoughts for the Dafter. She is slowly making a recovery and I am just trying to focus on her being WELL even if it takes a while. Karen I’m glad you found the story uplifting. I was trying to avoid completely corniness (not sure if I succeeded)! It is hard to write about how our hearts and lives are unavoidably interwoven with deep love for our children, regardless.

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