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Guest post: the Dafter’s art

Hello everybody! I’M BACK! Yes, it is I, the Dafter, and I am here to show you some of my art! Over the summer I did quite a lot of sketching, I did some pieces of art with song lyrics from my favourite band ever The Wanted, and I also did a few random things here and there, and I’m going to show you some of my best ones, and tell you a bit about them! (In no particular order)

This is a sketch I did of Miley Cyrus, from the cover of her autobiography, Miles To Go. It took a VERY long time, 6/7 hours if I remember correctly?

This is a sketch I did of one of my online friend’s baby from a picture, which was easier to draw because there was less detail and it was a close up photograph. (She loved it!)

This is a sketch I did of one of my other online friends, I drew it again from a photograph, and I drew it quite small, but in case you can’t see, she is in a windy place and her hair is being blown about.

This is an eye I drew, not from a photograph, mostly from my mind (if that makes any sense) but I looked at my own eye in the mirror a bit. If you look closer – as it suggests – you can just about see the pictures and words inside the eye. All the words and pictures suggest sadness, and there’s also a tear falling out of the eye. I was trying to show that someone may appear happy, but sometimes you have to look a little closer to see if they are REALLY as ok as they say they are. Some people forget how easy it is to fake a smile and pretend everything’s alright, and just ignore the fact that someone may be deeply unhappy.

This is one of the random pieces of artwork I mentioned earlier, based on peace. The writing inside the peace sign has different messages such as ‘Don’t hate.’ ‘Radiate love.’ and peace based ones.

Here is another of my random pieces of art, based on The Wanted and a calculator. The sum on the screen says ‘NATHAN + JAY + TOM + SIVA + MAX = THE WANTED’ even though the calculator has normal numbers on it, so I know that wouldn’t be physically possible but, this is art we’re talking about! Anything is possible in the world of the imagination!

This is a collage of random things that fill up my head, in pictures and words.  Some songs, quotes, names of favourite celebrities, song names, a few little drawings, I just put down whatever came into my head really!

This is one of my song lyric art pieces, it’s set in the sky with a rainbow, and butterflies – as the lyrics mention, and the song these lyrics are from is Gold Forever by The Wanted. I drew the butterflies from pictures I got off the internet, in case anyone is wondering.

This is another lyric piece of art, with lyrics from Glad You Came by The Wanted, I tried to set the scene that the lyrics are describing. I did the background using pencil shavings, which I thought would be a good technique for this particular piece.

This piece of lyrical art is based on All Time Low by – you guessed it! – The Wanted! The broken heart represents the sadness that the lyrics suggest, and I used black as a sort of background colour because it is often seen as a sad colour, the colour you wear to funerals. For the effect on the heart I actually used oil pastels on a piece of paper, then rubbed it onto the piece of art, which is why it varies from light to dark, because more oil pastel came off in some places than in others.

This is based on The Wanted’s song Golden, I drew the phoenix from a picture off the internet. I thought the colour scheme was sort of appropriate because of the song title being ‘Golden’ and I did the flame, sun and phoenix in oil pastels.

This features lyrics from Say It On The Radio by (ooh I wonder who?!) The Wanted! The radio is there because… well because even though the song isn’t really about a physical radio, but a metaphorical radio, the title still says radio so I though ‘why not?!’ the music notes are there to show that there’s music coming from the radio and the pencil tub to show that it’s on a desk. I drew the radio from one we have in the house, and the pencil pot just from my mind!

This last piece of art has lyrics from Lightning by The Wanted. Personally I wasn’t very happy with this one because the writing is messy and all over the place, because I had the BRIGHT idea of doing the lightning bolts in oil pastel BEFORE I used the pen, but I was quite proud of the rest of it. I copied the bolts of lightning from a picture, and the black clouds, but improvised with the building silhouettes.

Well, I hope you liked my – very long – art post! Hope to be back soon!

Peace out,

The Dafter xox



  1. Hi Dafter, these are amazing! My husband likes sketching but he really struggles with babies because their proportions are different to adults, your baby sketch looks fabulous. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Love, light and peace to you, too, Dafter. Such beautiful sentiments, carried on a portfolio of wonderful creativity.

  3. Love it! Keep drawing, girl!

  4. cool beans! love your creative spirit.

  5. hey, so good to see you having another guest post spot. keep drawing … you have a real knack for seeing what’s not obvious. my favorite i think is the picture of the eye with the words and the tear. hope you are starting to feel much better. keep on with the artwork and thanks for being brave and sharing your pictures with us.

  6. Your art is beautiful and lyrical and tells a lovely story. I love the sketch of Miley Cyrus, the baby and your friend with the wind in her hair. And isn’t it true that we all put on a happy front, but who knows what lies behind each person’s eyes? I hope that you are feeling better and continue to create beautiful art. xx

  7. Wow I’m impressed_ you are very talented! Your pencil sketches are so lifelike and I also love your use of colour in your pictures. It’s great that listening to ( your fave) music inspired your creativity. Keep it going!! Thank you for sharing

  8. I love the spirit that shines through these stunningly beautiful works of art.
    I see strength, honesty, maturity, love, energy and passion.
    The Miley picture would stand up next to any professional effort.
    The colour and vibrancy of the lyrical artworks reminded me of my younger pinker hair days 🙂
    I think my band de jour at that time was green day!
    Oooh I’m showing my age now 🙂

  9. Well done to you and I hope things are looking up and bright and beautiful for you. I hope you enter as many Young Artists competitions as you can..a star in the making I’d say 🙂

  10. Just amazing. Well done you. Keep on!

  11. What brilliant artwork. I love the pencil sketches especially. You have a good grasp of perspective. Very diverse, and very talented – well done.

  12. Oh Dafter, you draw such lovely things. I like them all, but the eye especially. It’s a very impressive bit of symbolism!

  13. I always love to see someone’s art. I find it to be such a reflection of WHO they are.

  14. Well look at that! You’re a really good draw-er Ms Dafter! 😀
    Well done!

  15. I love them all, particularly the range of images and of feelings. Keep exploring!

  16. This is incredible! (I can’t draw to save my life). You are very talented,. Thankyou for sharing.

  17. The Dafter wishes to thank everyone for these incredibly kind and encouraging comments!

  18. These are wonderful! I hope we can see more, you have a real gift for drawing. I think your Miley Cyrus is very good, the proportions are excellent and you’ve caught her personality in it. I really like the calculator too, and the butterflies, and in fact all the rest as well. Great post! (Am I right in thinking you quite like The Wanted…?) 🙂

  19. these are AMAZING the wanted ❤

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