Posted by: christinelaennec | October 22, 2011

An excursion! The Glasgow School of Yarn

I had a thrilling experience yesterday.  I was invited by superior sewer and knittist, Roobeedoo, to go to a workshop at the “Glasgow School of Yarn”.  My dear mother had sent me some birthday money, and so I was just about all set.  The final piece of the puzzle was having the Dafter and her father say, We Will Be Fine for a Day, You Must Go!   And so I found myself walking to the train station about 8 a.m.:

Albury Road bowling and tennis greens, Aberdeen, 21 October 2011.

The light was so damp and clear, I felt as if I’d never properly appreciated leaves before.  Our train journey passed very quickly, and we were helped by a friendly Glaswegian woman on the bus to know where to get off before we were carried all the way to Clydebank.  Our destination was the beautiful Charles Rennie Mackintosh church.  I’d always wanted to go there, and there I was!

Above the door of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Church, Glasgow.

When uploading the below photo, I commented to my nearest and dearest, “I look like a crazed lunatic!”  They reassured me that, although I always look like a lunatic, I don’t look particularly crazed in this photo.  So that’s alright then!

Hi Mom! Thanks for my Birthday Present!!! xoxoxox

The church did not disappoint.  It isn’t home to a congregation anymore, but is a venue for events such as the two day “Glasgow School of Yarn”.  (If you’re wondering what the joke is, it’s a reference to the iconic Charles Rennie Mackintosh building, the Glasgow School of Art.)

Stained glass window, Charles Rennie Mackintosh church, Glasgow.

It was interesting to see all the familiar hallmarks of CRM’s style, but in the context of a church:

Pulpit, Charles Rennie Mackintosh Church, Glasgow

I also liked the imaginative interpretations of CRM’s style by those who submitted designs to a competition:

Competition entries: knitted and crocheted designs inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Glasgow School of Yarn, 21 October 2011.

Roobeedoo and I had yummy cake and coffee, and two wanders around the marketplace.  She’s posted about our most interesting three hours up in the balcony pews with the entertaining Steven West here.   His designs really are very cool, and I enjoyed learning about the possibility of Travelling Stitches (as opposed to “travelling in stitches,” which we did a bit of as well).

I think it’s been over a year since I’ve had a day away just for fun, and I enjoyed every minute of it – while thinking of my loved ones at home constantly.  I texted Michael:  “Really like the CRM church.”  “What’s CRM?” he texted back.  “Christian Rebellious Mothers,” I replied.  He said that was the perfect church for me!  (Perhaps I should start one up?!)

"Rainbow Dreams" sock yarn from Abstract Cat

I had a little bit of birthday money left and this is what I bought at the marketplace.  I picked it up, and literally felt that I could not put it down.  It’s such a cliché but it happened to me.  It will be perfect for a wee shawl.  Our trip back was very enjoyable.  Roobeedoo knitted almost an entire sock, while I did what you might call “reverse knitting” (and some “reverse crochet”):  the kind where you knit and then rip out!  I think I’d about caught up with myself after 5 hours of train travel.  And I was just as happy as could be.

Thank you Roobeedoo, and thanks again Mom!  Another year older and not a bit wiser, but happy and with even more yarn now.  Thanks to everyone for your appreciative comments about the Dafter’s art, and I hope you’re all having a fine weekend.



  1. I was really hoping to get to this but just wasn’t up to it, hopefully it will be repeated next year and I’ll get to catch up with my knitting friends then. Looks like it was a great event, glad you and Roobeedoo had a good time, you both deserve it!

  2. how incredibly fun! i love wool and i like your choice of birthday wool you picked out. i am a bit of a fan of Mackintosh myself so it was nice to see pictures inside the church. another place to see on my to-do list. good picture of yourself too. glad you enjoyed the day out.

  3. Oh dear – blush blush blush!
    I won’t come out to play with you again if you make me go all red! 😉
    SO glad you had a great time – I know I did!

  4. It sounds like a fantastic day out. It is great to have a treat day isn’t it 🙂 And a road trip with a friend.

    I love the photos of the church. I am a fan of Mackintosh so love the photos. What lovely yarn too. I look forward to seeing how that knits up. Thank you for sharing your day out.

  5. Wow, knitting, yarn, and a meet-up in those fantastic surroundings. Sounds like a great birthday present! And maybe you are just a bit wiser?

  6. what a wonderful day…your yarn is gorgeous. I can see why you just had to have it! I would like to knit on a train some day….I’m sure mine would be spent in reverse knitting just like you!

  7. What a fab day you had, I am so glad you enjoyed yourself so much and I just love the yarn. Hugs from Wales x

  8. Oh, to take a train in Scotland to see a beautiful church and lovely knitting, that is my idea of a wonderful time! I hope you post your knitting with the new yarn, it is lovely. xx

  9. Oh yes, it was great and I am still feeling so rejuvenated by it. I wish you could all have come too.

    Katherine – I hope you are feeling better very soon, enough to enjoy the time off and some rest. If you do make it to such a thing next year, you should know that every other attendee seemed to have a wee baby!

    ajb – thanks! I thought you might like the Mackintosh snaps.

    Roobeedoo – nothing to say except once more Thank You!

    noddingviolets and Karen – I’m so glad you enjoyed “tagging along” on my day out. I’m planning to knit “Damson,” a shawl by Ysolda Teague, with the yarn I bought. I will post about it once I’m done – in 2014 or so?!

    Sigrid – well I found out where Maryhill Road in Glasgow is, anyway!

    Lisa – as long as I’m facing the direction of travel, I don’t care if the knitting is going backwards.

    Heike – thanks so much for your hugs.

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