Posted by: christinelaennec | November 12, 2011

Church: Not Counting Your Chickens

Here is a sign in front of an unidentified place of worship in Aberdeen:

church in Aberdeen

Well, I suppose none of us should take things for granted.  I hope you’re all having a good weekend.



  1. A very Biblical way to look at it.
    What also strikes me is how sad it is that church windows have to be protected by wire screens.

  2. thanks for sharing, Christine. i had a chuckle at first and then i felt kind of sad. mixed reactions.

  3. Oh dear, I did laugh. Which religion? We have some weird ones in the North East. If they fall out they just start another church. I shall now make a point of reading what is outside each of them!

  4. Oh dear. That’s not funny, but it’s sort of funny :S

  5. Dear Linda, ajb, Jill and Mags,

    Yes I had very mixed reactions as well! The building is small, quite fortified, and has no other identifying marks on it that I could see, besides this sign.

  6. “The Lord willing” used to be one of my Mama’s favorite expressions…I’ve just never seen it quite like this before! 🙂

    • I have a Muslim friend who finds it odd that people here just go ahead and plan things, as if they were guaranteed to happen. She says that in Arabic they say the equivalent of “the Lord willing” all the time.

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