Posted by: christinelaennec | December 18, 2011

A Prophet in Our Midst

Yesterday I laughed at this sign in the Farmer’s Market:

"Snow is not far away - get yourself a fur coat"! Aberdeen market, 17 Dec. 2011

But what did we wake up to this morning?

Sunday morning snow, 18 December 2011.


I hope you are all keeping warm.




  1. Hahah so funny.. enjoy the snow, we only have rain…..
    Hugs and a nice Sunday

  2. Ha! That sign is priceless. I had to say it out loud to get it, but it’s great.

    And we did have snow this morning! I put crampons on and went running in it. It was like being alive, but on steroids. Such an amazing feeling. Unfortunately it’s turned to rain now, but it’s supposed to freeze again during the night. I suspect the roads will be a nightmare tomorrow morning.

  3. brilliant sign! i love the Scottish. enjoy yer sna. 🙂

  4. we have sna too, only we call it kavi (pronounced almost as ever just with a k in front) 🙂 Let’s hope for a white christmas. Oh, and your comment made me laugh (although I’m not looking forward to that time) 🙂

  5. Yes, it’s brrrrrr, outside, but we’re as warm as toast. Hope you are too.

  6. Coveting that snow! Enjoy!

  7. Brrrrr! Looks cold but so beautiful! I’m jealous!

  8. Oh, how fun! Enjoy the snow. We had a little bit of snow this year but it has been so mild so far. But, this is still the autumn… I don’t think we’ll get away with a mild winter. I’d like to leave here my wishes for a Happy Christmas to you and your family. May in 2012 we all find inner peace no matter how turbulent the happenings around us are and strengh to deal with the challenges ahead. But most of all, Love in abundance! Much light to you Christine!

  9. Oh gosh .. you had snow already? Can you throw something my way? … I love snow !

  10. Dear everyone,

    Thanks for your lovely comments, as always. Luciana, thank you very much for your kind wishes, for *all* of us!

    For those jealous of our ‘sna’ (or ‘kavi’!), perhaps you will feel happier if I tell you it has all melted now and it looks as if we will not have a White Christmas.

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