Posted by: christinelaennec | January 15, 2012

Winter sights in Aberdeen

We have been blessed with crisp, frosty, clear days recently – and some spectacular sunsets:

The sunset sky at 3:50 p.m. in Aberdeen, 13th January 2012.

I really love the light at this time of day in the winter, and I’ve grabbed the opportunity to get out for a walk when I’ve been able to:

Sunset windows, Aberdeen, 14th January 2012.

In the below photo, I really liked the light reflected in the windows, but also the fact that you’re looking at three distinct periods of architecture.  In the foreground is an Art Deco building from 1937.  Beyond it is Bon Accord Square, built in Victorian times.  And the hulking mass on the horizon with a blue sign is a huge Park Inn hotel that was built year before last.  I can’t imagine I will ever have the fondness for it that I do for the earlier buildings, but perhaps in a hundred years it will be attractively retro to future bloggers!

Three periods of architecture: Aberdeen on a January afternoon, 2012.

There is a crispness and cleanness about the lines of the Victorian granite buildings in Aberdeen, and I thought the white trim on these houses just looked so fresh:

White trim on granite houses, Aberdeen, January 2012.

It took me decades to realise that even though winter runs from late December to late March (officially), all that time the light is growing stronger.  It’s been such a mild winter here that daffodils are up, and snowdrops too.  Well, we’ll have to see whether they know something we don’t know!

I wish you all a very good week.



  1. There was an article today in Scotland on Sunday about the Rubislaw Quarry whence the granite used to come (now cheaper from China!) The chaps who bought it are called Black and Whyte! Fascinating story.

  2. I always love your photos, Christine. You have such a good eye. (What camera do you use, btw? I’m in the market to replace mine.)

    My daffodils are coming up, too, and my neighbors’ are already blooming! Forsythia is starting to flower as well. A sign of a mild winter so far. My fear is that they’ll be killed by a frost. It’s too early here for blooms…

    • Hi Ellen I hope you dont find this reply to you cheeky I myself use a Panasonic Camera Model DMC-FS 62 (LUMIX) with Leica Lens 10 Mega Pixels cost me 2 years ago £109 pounds it is a fantastic camera they are a lot cheaper now you can try ebay site.
      (Gordon Inverness)
      Good Luck

  3. I love the whole theme of light and Scottish light is so amazing. I remember being on the Black Isle at the lighthouse there and looking back at the sky; it was a memory I won’t forget. Light in the highlands is breathtaking. The photo with the 3 types of architecture was a great call.

  4. Once again beautiful pictures …here in Holland we’ve got a very mild winter too….upto now, tonight it’s going to freeze….-1 celsius 🙂

  5. Lovely sunset, such a pretty salmon color! I really like the art deco building in your 3 periods of architecture. The windows are wonderful. But my favorite, as always, are the granite houses you have in Scotland. They are so beautiful.

    We were having a mild winter in the Pacific Northwest until this week. We have snow! Just a few inches, but it is very cold. Enjoy your mild weather and those beautiful sunsets. xx

  6. I’ve been in a sort of mild panic about all my plants coming up early, but have decided to let it go. I can’t change the weather (and it looks like it’s going to get at least a little cold here this month), and I can’t bring my entire garden inside, so c’est la vie!

  7. I agree with you, I like the old style of building best 🙂
    What an incredibly beautiful sunset!

  8. Thanks to everyone for your comments!

    Jill – I’ve thought before about doing a post on Rubislaw Quarry, you’ve given my memory a jog now. I just need your aerial photographer to take a snap for me! And – I hadn’t realised the buyers were “Black & Whyte”!

    Ellen – thank you kindly for the compliment! I use a Kodak EasyShare, which is a few years old now, but it’s very good as a point-and-shoot. Yes, I used to worry terribly about the spring flowers coming up too soon, and so often we’ve had snow in March and the beginning of April. But they always seem to be fine, so I’ve stopped worrying about them.

    Thanks, ajb! Your sunset memory sounds spectacular. Sometimes “memory photographs” are the best of all.

    Erna, it’s been freezing here as well, but still no snow. Just a lot of frost.

    Karen – I should do a wee post about Art Deco Aberdeen. And you have snow! Well, it is the right time of year for it. I look forward to seeing it on your blog. You always take such gorgeous photographs of the landscape and the mountain.

    Mags – ha ha, I know just what you mean about wanting to bring the garden inside! Actually the most dangerous time of year here is May, when I do run out with the horticultural fleece, and take seedlings into cover.

    Suzy – thanks very much! Yes, I must see about doing an Art Deco post…

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