Posted by: christinelaennec | January 22, 2012

January walk on Aberdeen beach

This afternoon a dear friend came and picked me up, and we went for a bracing walk along the beach.  It was a great getaway, and a beautiful day.

Aberdeen beach looking towards the lighthouse, 22nd January 2012.

The days are lengthening noticeably.  See how light it was at 4:45 (below):

Aberdeen city in silhouette. 22nd January 2012, 4:45 pm (!)

Sunday evening again, how did that happen?  I wish you all a very good start of the week.



  1. The beach of Aberdeen looks beautiful. I’ve enjoyed Aberdeen but not the beach. Next visit I will have to get there. I love beaches!
    I love it when the days are growing longer. We are still enjoying some light at 5pm! It’s grand for sure. We just went through a pretty big snow and ice storm. The Seattle area got hit bad with the ice. They had to close a bridge across the Tacoma Narrows cause of huge chunks of falling ice.

  2. what a beautiful day for a walk on the beach with a friend. i confess i had no idea that Aberdeen has such gorgeous beaches.

    i wish you a great week for you and your family.

  3. Love the photo of the Aberdeen skyline. What a lovely winter’s day; perfect for a visit with a friend to start the new week!

  4. Before we moved up here I didnt even know Aberdeen had a beach! And it is so beautiful. I also love the beach front cafes, well some of them! In fact one of them, but I can’t remember its name. No hope for me.

  5. Good crisp beach walks…perfect to clear the mind and blow the cobwebs away. Have a good week…hope things are still going well with ‘the dafter’.

  6. Lovely. You are so fortunate to have a beach so close by! It looks to be a very beautiful beach, too. And with it’s very own lighthouse! I am envious. What a nice place to take a walk with a friend. xx

  7. What a beautiful skyline.

  8. Yes, we are very lucky to have a fine beach. I don’t go there as much as I used to, for some reason. Jill I agree that some of the beach cafes are wonderful. Paula, I’ve heard about your terrible ice storm. (Karen of Beatrice Euphemie Vintage Cottage Style has posted about the awful damage they suffered – and amazing escapes as well.)

    And yes, I love the Aberdeen skyline from different vantage points. It’s always changing and I even like some of the modern additions. But mostly I love the old spires.

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