Posted by: christinelaennec | January 25, 2012

Identity crisis

What’s in a name?  I found this drop-down menu on a website very amusing:

Drop-down possibilities for my title!

Who shall I be today?  Lady Christine?  Baroness Laennec?  The Countess of South Holburn?

In the end, I did what I always do and opted for Ms.  But it made me think perhaps it’s time for a change!  Needless to say, this was an English company.



  1. I think I might be tempted to check off “Baroness” and give it a try for one day.

  2. how very posh! I’ve never seen the likes. that is quite funny. were you ordering something frightfully expensive? 🙂

  3. I would have gone for countess. Honestly, in my classroom I am known as the Queen of Lawsonland. Thank you, my friend, for your encouraging words over at my place. I appreciate them and you more than I can say.

  4. Oh – Contessa, definitely! 😉
    Go on – spill the beans – what was the website?!

  5. Ha ha, my amusement continues! You’d think it was Tiffany’s or something, but I’m pretty sure it was from when I ordered some seconds from Emma Bridgewater (handpainted crockery) in their sale. Relyn, I had no idea I was reading a Royal Blog!

    Yours in haste,
    Her Serene Lowness of Aberdeen and Surrounding Area

  6. Oh, Contessa Christine sounds so pretty! xx

  7. I’ve been watching way too much Downton Abbey and am now pining away to be a countess (especially if the title comes with a butler and a lady’s maid).

  8. A friend who is a retired priest had some difficulty checking in at an Oxford Hotel. The paperwork allowed for him to pretend to be Lord or Sir, but couldn’t cope with Canon or plain Rev. He is also Dr, but he decided to just settle for Mr. I keep wishing I could simply be Citizen Alexander, and if possible I put down just my given name and my family name. Which reminds me, when my journalist son began to ply his trade in Oregon, he had to learn quickly not to ask people for their surname; he found that just wasn’t understood, and the term used is ‘last name’.

  9. Baroness Laennec sounds perfect.

  10. I actually laughed out loud on this one! When Jim and I married, I ordered my wedding sash (McGregor) and shawls for my matrons of honor (my daughter and niece) in McGregor and shawls for his daughters in Campbell from a longtime company in Scotland. He ordered the complete kilt ensemble from the same place. I was trying to remember if those same name choices were on the menu! I might have been tempted to have a little flight of fancy had they been!

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