Posted by: christinelaennec | February 4, 2012

Cruickshank Botanical Gardens in February

Last week was particularly hard, as amongst other things Michael hurt his back.  Last night I fell into bed utterly exhausted, and I will confess that I’ve not really emerged until this afternoon.  It’s not illness, I don’t think (I hope!), but sometimes I just have a bit of a collapse.  Michael is better now (and the Dafter did manage to go to school twice during the week), and I’m sure I will be right as rain by the time Monday comes around.

Today the house has been battered by sleet.  But yesterday was a fine day, and I had the chance to visit Cruickshank Botanical Gardens for a quick half-an-hour.  I love these gardens at all times of year, so I thought I’d share my tour with you:

Behind the gate leading to the Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Old Aberdeen. February 2012.

I like how the name of the gardens is incorporated into the cast-iron gate on the Chanonry.

At this time of year, you need to look closely for signs of spring, but they are there:

crocuses and hellebores, Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Old Aberdeen, 3 Feb 2012.

The ground was frozen, and you can see the frost still lying where the sun never touched the grass, but we have actually had warmer temperatures than people further south in England this week.

Snowdrops and frost on the ground, Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Old Aberdeen, 3 February 2012.

I love the colour of these cyclamen, like a garland around the tree trunk:

Cyclamen at the base of a Monkey Puzzle Tree, Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Old Aberdeen, 3 February 2012.

In the spring and summer, I love to watch the tadpoles turn into frogs.  But now all is asleep in the ice:

The frozen frog pond, Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Old Aberdeen, 3 February 2012.

Can you see the waxing moon in the sky?  By summer, these beds will have flowers seven feet high:

Looking down the herbaceous beds, Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Old Aberdeen, 3 February 2012.

And this is one of my favourite parts of the garden.  It reminds me so much of Oregon:

Forested nook, Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Old Aberdeen, 3 February 2012.

The sun is low in the sky by 2:30 – but it is now still a little bit light at 5 pm.  Hooray!

Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Old Aberdeen, 3 February 2012 - 2:25 pm. The square building is the new library.

I hope you’re all having a good weekend, and keeping warm if you’re in one of the cold places.



  1. the cyclamen and snowdrops are a delight! feels like you can almost smell spring. tadpoles … there’s a flash from my past. i remember catching them as a child and being surprised to find one morning that they had become frogs and hopped away. a beginning lesson in biology.

  2. I lived in Aberdeen for 2 years and didn’t even know about this place! It looks lovely, and it’s so nice to see the spring flowers starting to pop up.

  3. Not surprising that you’ve had a bit of a collywobble today, keeping everything and everyone going.

    It was lovely to see the gardens. I think I only visited them twice during my years in Aberdeen, even tho I lived in the Chanonry for 6 of them!

  4. It has been very cold here, minus 10C some nights, but no snow (to ‘my girls’s dismay). My snowdrops and cyclamen are all out and had a real shock with these temperatures. This morning I woke to rain…alas, I hope winter is now almost over and spring is around the corner.
    I hope you are feeling better…it’s not easy to keep it all together at all times, you are allowed ‘down days’ too. Hugs xx

  5. Your photography conveys the crispness of the day perfectly, Christine. Some vivid colour in the midst of a gloomy February. Thanks.

  6. I didnt even know this place existed! Thank you. I shall make the effort to travel in to Aberdeen.
    Hope you get back together again. Sometimes your mind and body goes onto overload. I wish the guilt at listening to yourself for a while would go away!

  7. An oasis of calm, Christine. Thank you for the guided tour. Take care and be rested!

  8. Lovely photos – thankyou. I’m sorry you have been feeling under the weather, but not at all surprised. Do take good care of yourself..

  9. What a lovely park and so nice that it is close by. The cyclamen and snow drops are very sweet. I love the iron gate with the name…your lovely city has so many little details and you showcase them so nicely.

    I hope you feel rested and ready to face the world once again. It is difficult to be strong all the time and sometimes you just need to burrow into the quilts. A good time of year for doing so! Thank you for sharing your beautiful park. xx

  10. So pretty! Staying in bed is a very good plan once in a while.

    I would have guessed that you get more snow. Is it just a dusting now and then?

    We have unseasonably warm weather.It was almost hot here yesterday. I’d like another cold snap before spring arrives.

  11. Dear All,

    I’m glad to say that I am just fine this morning after two days of real rest. I know it isn’t good to “allow” oneself to become exhausted, but with the best will in the world, sometimes it happens. That’s family life! And as Jill and Heike have said, we should give ourselves permission to listen to what our bodies need, without guilt!

    I’m so glad you liked this wee trip to the Botanical Gardens. They are an undiscovered gem in Aberdeen. They’ve recently appointed a new director, who is coming up from the Eden Project, so I hope he will enjoy his new post and not suffer too much from the cold.

    Kelly, we usually have a few weeks of snow every winter, although this winter so far we have got off very, very lightly. However, last winter we had snow for about four months straight. The one thing I’ve noticed is how often we have snow at the end of March and even the beginning of April. In the past ten years I think there’s been snow on the ground the first week of April perhaps five or six times. Who’s to say what the future will bring, though?

    ajb, I loved your story about the tadpoles metamorphosising. Yes, there are definitely signs of spring if you look for them, and the best thing is that it is actually LIGHT at 8 am now! Very exciting!!!!

  12. I’m reading a bit after the fact here but glad to know you’re feeling better! Sometimes, we are all guilty of pushing ourselves too hard and too far without a rest.

    I love these photos and the Botanical gardens…and the house! Lovely!

  13. What beautiful pictures of the botical garden. They made me long for Spring! Although the Winter has been very mild over here nothing is pushing out of the ground yet. Snowdrops are my favourites! I’m glad to hear (from your last post) that you’re feeling better!

  14. I hope you’re feeling better and that a good rest made you right as rain! I love those cyclamen. We have them in the grocery store around here,but to see them out doors is just beautiful. I don’t think they grow well in our zone or I would plant bundles of them.

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