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Well, what do you know, it’s March!  Here in Aberdeen it’s come in like a lamb, but I know very well that it could yet go out like a lion.  This week has been one of hospital and doctor visits and tests for the Dafter, who is still creeping about the house and not really able to do much at all.  Michael is back from his trip down South, although facing a mountain of work to catch up on, as well as legal tasks to attend to relating to his mother’s estate.  As usual my policy of trying to keep breathing has been helpful.  So I thought I would share one of my favy things about Life in Britain with you:  the postbox!

The red pillar box is such an icon in British life.  Here is a generic one – with “Post Office” on its front, and a lost baby item on top.


Sorry the below photo is a bit on the dark side.  Can you see the intertwined V R on the postbox?  It dates from Queen Victoria’s long reign:

Victorian Postbox

This is a bit clearer:  a postbox from the reign of Victoria’s son, Edward VII:

Edwardian Postbox

And lastly, from the reign of Edward’s son, George V:

Georgian postbox being embraced by a tree

I wonder, to quote Martin’s comment on here a few weeks ago, what legacy we will leave future generations from our time?  Will the Post Office even survive much longer?  (I know this isn’t a question solely confined to Britain.)  I would like to think that our generation could leave such beautiful, useful and lasting objects for the future, but I can’t quite think of what they might be.  Will our grandchildren be lovingly cradling our 2010 iPod Nanos?  It’s a possibility.  At any rate, there is nothing to match a letter.  Okay, it takes a few days to arrive, but it’s still there when the power goes out!



  1. What can I say, Christine, but…great post!

  2. hear, hear, Christine! well said and i love the photos! i miss post boxes. all we have is the super mail box … super only in size, not in greatness. i miss the red pillar box and the getting the mail through your front door. for those of you who still have front-door mail and don’t have to walk down the street to unlock your box, be thankful. i hope the postboxes stay around for a long time yet. 🙂

  3. What a lovely post, yet again you see things and highlight them. Brilliant. Hope the hospital visits were positive.

  4. Loving thoughts to you and your family at this difficult time. xx

    Love your photos of the post boxes! They are amazing little works of art. I can’t believe some of them are so old, too!

    I agree with you about lasting legacies. I have often wondered whether books, letters, or newspapers will become a thing of the past. I just received a letter from my 74 year old Aunt, but she is the only one who writes to me these days. Even written invitations and thank-you’s are becoming a thing of the past. Will future archeologists and historians have a difficult time understanding our culture with no written record? Something to think about as we move forward.

  5. Great photo essay! Keep on breathing. We’ll continue to pray for clarity, healing, and strength.

  6. I felt uplifted after reading this post, what a delightful thing to celebrate! I agree with you about letters, it’s a pity we don’t put pen to paper more often. I find that these days, usually writing inside a card rather than on a sheet of paper, my writing is dreadful, just through lack of doing it. My fingers are more used to tapping on keys, which is quite a pity. Anyway, a very fine selection of post boxes. This was the first thing I read this morning and I feel it’s set me up for a good day ahead. Thank you! 🙂

  7. I too adore these Postboxes but just like old phone booth’s they are being replaced by hideous new ones. Such a shame, why replace something that is not only looking good and graceful but more to the point…still in perfect working order?!?
    Have a lovely w/e and my love to the Dafter xx

  8. I love the pics of these post boxes! There is nothing quite like getting a real letter in the mail…one you can hold in your hands and read over and over!

  9. Another note…
    I reread back posts thinking I must have missed an update about your daughter. I’ll keep her and all of you in my prayers. I do pray they can arrive at the correct diagnosis and get her quickly on the road to health.


  10. This made me smile. It’s lovely to stop and look more closely at everyday objects like post boxes. I particularly liked that you captured one with a lost bootie on top! That’s real and everyday

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