Posted by: christinelaennec | March 12, 2012

Happy photos

I’ve been trying to focus on the positive, as you know.   So in this spirit, here are a few happy photos:

Hellebore in the garden, March 2012.

A stunning rainbow. February 2012.

I did some clearing out the other day and (after consultation) recycled a beautiful creation of the Dafter when she was younger – but took photos first:

A treasure made by the Dafter: Jewelry Box (with illustrations of my 'jewels'!)

Treasure, side view: "Specialy made for christine my mama"

Tilly is very often the embodiment of bliss:

Tilly playing with her catnip toy.

Things at our house are still difficult.  The poor Dafter is still very unwell and not able to go to school.  We’re waiting for various test results.  After much family discussion, this morning we went to try out wheelchairs to hire and possibly buy.  She said afterwards, “The wheelchair is good because I can be more at people’s level.”  I asked her what she meant and she reminded me that the few times she and I have been out in town, she’s often needed to rest by sitting on the floor.  She said at least when sitting in the wheelchair she won’t be all the way on the floor, “and also I can sit down and keep going at the same time”.   We’ve given a lot of thought to the risk of “giving in to helplessness” (the Dafter’s own words), but her illness has kept her inside for six and a half months now and we all think a wheelchair could actually be a big help in getting out and about in the world a bit more.

We are all three very determined to be as positive as possible, and by and large I think we are succeeding.  The fact that spring is coming and it’s so much lighter these days is a big help as well.  I’ll let you know how things progress.

I wish you all a great week!



  1. I’m so sorry to hear about that, it must be awful for your daughter and the whole family to be going through this. I hope the test results prove helpful in some way. I’ve just been moaning about my wrist, which is a bit sore at the moment, but reading your post is a very timely reminder for me to count my blessings. You don’t notice how much you value your health until something goes wrong. My thoughts are with you and the Dafter, and your inspirational positive thinking. It really is the way to get through tough times, although of course it can be extremely difficult.

  2. Sitting down and keeping going seems like a very practical, positive combination and not at all contradictory.
    Hoping that test results will give something that can be attacked and banished.
    Your hellebore is lovely – I only have the big, thuggish, green, smelly variety.

  3. Hoping along with everyone else that a positive outcome will soon be found. Such a frustrating and worrying time for you all. It’s good that your daughter has such a positive attitude towards the wheelchair. Sending hugs, xxx

  4. The fact that the Dafter is so positive to this must be good. The benefits of being able to get out and about without her getting weary is also a plus.
    All positive.x

  5. Christine, I know it is a struggle right now trying to wait for news and, hopefully, a diagnosis. Have you considered coming to the states to Mayo Clinic? Praying for your daughter and all of you…

  6. your rainbow is just gorgeous. i think there is a pot of gold right on that hill. very apropos to your blog post. wishing a rainbow and answered prayers for you in the near future.

  7. The dafter is a positive person, and getting out and about is a positive move, it doesn’t matter too much, how you accomplish it. Best wishes to you all, as ever.

  8. Oh dear – my heart is full for you all. You are always in my thoughs and prayers.
    The hellebore is truly beautiful xxx

  9. I’m really sorry the problem is still continuing. But I’m sure you’re right to.think positively about how a wheel-chair can help with getting out. Very best wishes to all of you..

  10. Your pictures are very sweet. I love the pretty rings on your fingers! The Dafter seems to appreciate a little jewelry, too!

    It surely attests to the Dafter’s positive spirit that she is willing to use a wheelchair so she can be out and about once more! I hope the sunshine and fresh air will be beneficial to her overall feelings of wellbeing and of your’s, too. A mother’s heart is connected so closely to her child, and I hope this will be good for both of you.

    My heart goes out to you and your beautiful family. Please take care of yourself, so you can take care of them. xx

  11. You truly call all of us to be more positive even as this situation has to strtch your mother’s heart to the breaking point. I will offer up my sufferings for the Dafter’s today.

    Prayers that moments of consolation would be coming your way.

  12. Sending a big hug your way. I admire your spirit (both of you) staying positive in a very difficult situation. I hope you get some useful information from the tests, and if not, the Mayo could be a useful option.

  13. I love the rainbow picture…apart from the rainbow itself, I like the balance between sky and buildings, and the little patches of bright sun on the chimneys. Light does indeed suggest hope, and you are very good at finding the small but significant glimpses of brightness.

  14. Dear everyone,

    Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments and good wishes. We’re still waiting for test results but they are narrowing it down to ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’ll do a post when they have arrived at a diagnosis, but it does match what I’ve read about ME. The good news is that ME doesn’t last for the rest of one’s life, and that there are support groups and ways to be in touch with other families of teenagers who have it. I’ll keep you posted, and will keep positive. The Dafter is determined to do the same, as is Michael, so we’re unanimous. (Tilly seems hopeful as well.) Thanks so much again for all your caring wishes and prayers.

    “Sitting down and keeping going”: Linda that does seem to sum up the situation in so many ways!

    Kelly, I hope you haven’t got too much suffering to offer up! We have definitely had moments of consolation, love and laughter.

    Martin, you’re absolutely right, it doesn’t matter how we “get there”.

    ajb, I’d clean forgotten about the pot of gold! Thanks for reminding me.

    oldblack, you made me look at that photograph with fresh eyes. I hope you have some similar glimpses of brightness.

  15. I had been thinking that what you wrote about the Dafter made it sound very much like ME or CFS, and that had made me wonder whether there were ways for you to get in touch with parents of other young people with similar problems, So I’m glad to read that there are arrangements that make that possible. And, as you say, people recover from it – I know encouraging examples.
    Renewed good wishes to you all.

  16. I forgot to say, I think Tilly is just a delight.

  17. For me, one of the strange things is that other people saw me being in a wheelchair as a very negative ‘tragic’ thing but for me it was a positive step because it meant that I could do things that I hadn’t previously done through tiredness. The point was that they hadn’t seen me at rock bottom, not going out so whereas for me going out in the wheelchair was a step up, they could only see it as a step down. I hope I am gradually getting more people to see things my way. If the chair enables rather than disables then it is surely simply a good thing.

  18. And I meant to say how jealous I am of your hellebores. I love them but haven’t got any in my garden yet….

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