Posted by: christinelaennec | April 6, 2012

My hopeful stripy cardigan

You may recall a post I did about a new knitting technique I’d learned.  Some interested parties very kindly asked if I would show the finished product.  Well here it is:  as Lucy of Attic24 would say, it’s my Ta Da moment!

Hopeful stripy jumper blocking the view of The Wanted! (Photo courtesy of the Dafter.)

Stripy hopeful cardigan outside in the the garden.

The pattern is “Wentworth” by Kaffe Fassett, using Kidsilk Haze.  It feels very lovely, even against bare arms.  I really didn’t think I would like the mohair that much, I was just greedy for the colours.  Happy!  And still hopeful!



  1. That looks so lovely. I’m very fond of stripes, and the colours go so well together. Well done!

  2. It looks gloriously light. It must feel good to have completed it (as a non knitter I can’t quite imagine exactly what you must feel!). I hope you moved smartly out of the way of The Wanted!

  3. Those are beautiful colors on you! Congratulations!

  4. oh Christine, it’s perfect! i love the colors on you too and the pattern is fabulous. i’m inspired. i find it hard to knit for myself as the cardy generally turns out a bit not the right shape. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  5. Oh, it turned out lovely, Christine, and the colors bring out the pink in your cheeks! It looks so soft and cuddly. Easter Blessings to you and your family! xx

  6. Lovely! And you look lovely in it.

  7. That’s beautiful Christine, I’m very impressed! I wish I could create something like that, knitting is a great skill. The colours remind me of the Scottish countryside at different times of year. Gorgeous!

  8. Lovely cardigan, and lovely you! 🙂 xx

  9. Very pretty 🙂

  10. Thank you everyone! Just today a friend commented that the colours in it look like the colours of Scotland. Lorna, thanks for the link to that beautiful photograph. It’s designed by Kaffe Fassett, who is a colour genius in my opinion. Happy Easter to all!

  11. Gorgeous! Absolutely a Ta Da moment.

  12. It’s lovely. The colors are intense but that halo of the mohair yarn blurs the stripes just enough to soften the effect. I love Kidsilk Haze–even the name sounds special. Anyway, I can see this cardigan will fill you with hope every time you catch a glimpse of it!

  13. I think (as a knitter) you’ve done a brilliant job. And I agree Kaffe Fassett is a genius.

  14. Wow! It looks fantastic. The colours are so perfect together.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  15. It’s amazing ! (To coin a musical!!) I think the colours look perfect together, and really suit you. The style with round neck is also great on you. Fab!!

  16. Dear Kelly, Sigrid, Flora, Suzy and Scruffybadger,

    Thank you all very much! Sigrid, you’re right about the “haze of the mohair” softening the stripes. It’s an interesting effect.

    Scruffybadger, I’d never given much thought to the round neck – I shall have to pay more attention, especially as you have such a great eye for style!

  17. Another beautiful cardi!

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