Posted by: christinelaennec | April 25, 2012

Food art by the Dafter

The other day, seeking to relieve the boredom of severe ME, the Dafter said “I wish I could make art from food!”  We gave her the cookie cutters, and she fetched the wavy cutter, and came up with this for her lunch:

Just a sandwich for lunch, Dafter-style!

I don’t know how she could bear to eat it though!



  1. Now, who wouldn’t find that appealing? Yum, yum!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! What a talent the Dafter has. She could be a food stylist for a magazine! (BTW, that looks far better than anything I’d manage…)

  3. Looks like a potential quilt design! 😀

  4. Obviously, she takes after your creative self!!

  5. That’s beautiful!

  6. Now that just might tempt me to eat cucumber!

  7. Wow, that is beautiful! That would be great for a fancy luncheon! She is so creative! xx

  8. Thanks, everyone! We are now doing a layered jelly (Jell-o in American). (Vegetarian.)

  9. Oh, I know all about providing vegetarian food. It’s more than 25 years now since our (now grown) children gave up eating anything with a face. So much time spent standing in the shop, checking if the product contains gelatine! I was amazed at how many yoghurts and sweets (candy) contain gelatine.

    • Yes, it is amazing how much gelatine is in things. Personally, I’m not a strict vegetarian – I’m happy to have a Party Ring for the same reason that I wear leather shoes. I’ve watched the Dafter become more and more strict with herself over the years.

  10. That’s lovely! The Dafter sure has an artistic eye. When art comes first, taste is just an afterthought.

    • Thanks, Luciana. She is a very creative person. I wish that our society valued creativity more than it does!

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